Christmas 2009

Posted on December 26th, 2009 by Cam.
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Christmas began with a banquet on Christmas eve second only to the second coming banquet thanks to Rach.  It truly was a taste of heaven, with a hint of lime.  Christmas breakfast was overseen and executed by myself, and when I say executed, it very nearly was.  Coconut and banana pancakes nearly ended up in the compost due to a semantic error (confusing the words ‘egg yolk’ and ‘egg white’).  Nothing liquid nails couldn’t fix.  Sleep, then lunch, then beach, then dinner, then catching up with dear Albany friends.  A perfect day, considering the year and circumstances.

I gave everyone in the family trees this year.  Family are all moving into new houses soon so I am looking to give them a gift that lasts a lifetime or more, or just creates a root problem for the next generation.  Whatever, they will either go to the houses or go to the family farm in York to create a grove.  I have also started some recordings, but due to unforeseen chemo overdoses and bad days, I only got one song out of five half finished.  So a bit of work to go.

I received a cow amongst other things.  The cow is being given to a developing country which is just as well as I love beef more than I love farming.  It is safer wherever else it ends up.  In the absence of the official card arriving stating how the cow will be useful, Dad drew his own card up.  He is the first to point out that his artistic ability is lacking but I thought the contrary today.  The cow was incredibly lifelike.  And it is so hard to find cows with three testicles these days to do still life.  I am proud he was able to capture the detail, it being a heifer and all.

Planning the year and living details is the main thing on the agenda over these weeks, hopefully before new year’s.

Christmas is a benchmark to get through these days, and it is the unspoken concern whether this will be the last one for so many people.  My thoughts today have been with families who are having their first Christmas without a loved one, especially the family of Mark who passed away in Townsville a couple of weeks ago.  God bring healing to me, to Steve, to Tim, to Anne, to Julianne, to Holly, to Judi, to Scott, to Tanya, to Norm, to Milanda, to Petrina, to so many others whose goal maybe to make it to the next Christmas with everything intact.