An average day

Posted on January 15th, 2010 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

I spent the last few days up at York at Ma and Pa’s.  They look after me incredibly.

Tried to set up a workshop one of the old sheds with Dad, but my body was just tired.  Tired and sore.  It made me wonder the whole time whether what I was doing was just wishful thinking.  I am still excited by it all, but I have been at this point before, then my body or mind just caves in and that is it for a time.

I ran out of painkillers a day ago.  This makes me frantic as I haven’t been handling things well if I have no painkillers.  The physical pain I can handle, although it is annoying and uncomfortable.  But the Oxycontin and Oxynorm are pre-reqs for a manageable day.  When I ran out the other day, I made a bee-line for the GP who kindly doubled my dose.  It is just that the chemist didn’t have the quantity or strength in the other day, so I chewed through a full packet of the quick release in a day to get me through.  I haven’t talked much about the role that morphine is playing in my life at the moment, but it has been significant since October last year.   Like the feather was to Dumbo, really.  Except if I lose grip of the Oxy, I fall faster than Dumbo and crash at the end.

My body pain and immobility this morning was really discouraging.  I get these days every now and then and wonder how much longer this can go on.  There really is a point where going on is more difficult than going out.  There are many things that I have got that make it worth it, no doubt, but the ongoing effort that it takes to have a difficult day takes its toll.

My happiness today came from being a son to my folks – they are amazing and make me feel like the only thing that matters.  It also came from being around my sisters and my friend Tones tonight for dinner.

When I ran out of painkillers on Tuesday arvo, I did the logical thing and bought a guitar.  It was cheaper than smack (just) and is socially more acceptable (unless one plays Boney M tunes on it).  It is a beautiful thing, a piece of fine art that makes incredible sounds.  I am very happy with it – more than happy with it.  I wish I had of bought it 20 years ago.

I am still getting used to my high-dose painkillers.  They are like my old painkillers, but on steroids.  The space between this paragraph and the last is worth about 15 minutes where I zoned out.  I like them already.