Posted on March 31st, 2010 by Cam.
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I have turned the ability to make comments back on for this time as people may have noticed that I had disabled this function. I am very thankful for the people who have contacted via email, and even if you haven’t I am thankful you are able to read what has been happening.  It is big stuff, and I feel it is not over yet.  I hope the real journey is about to begin.  What a suck of a prelude till now, that’s all I can say.


Still well

Posted on March 31st, 2010 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

I have no reason to doubt that I am still well.

As I mentioned before, my physical body is still taking some time to catch up with the news, so it remains in pain most of the time.  This time will pass, I believe.

I had chemo yesterday, in keeping with Dr Brad’s desire to finish off the cycle that I have started.  I woke this morning still quite sore and having some sweats.  Once I was good to move, I headed down to my friends Geoff and Ruth who run Houses of Healing.  We spent the time just in worship and prayer.  Was good.

Geoff told me that they prayed on my behalf during the week at a conference that was on up here in Perth by a guy called Graham Cooke.  I have listened to a lot of his stuff about 6 months ago that was really encouraging.  Bummer I missed it, but thankful I was prayed for at that time.  I am not sure what precisely it was that has given me these great results – prayer for healing that I went to with my pastor and sister, the readings that I have been doing praying God’s word over my body, prayers on my behalf, etc etc.  But I have reason to believe that my body changed just in this last week, as I noticed an absence of some symptoms specifically in this last week.  Should I say, I noticed the continued symptoms over the last month except this last week.

So not sure, but don’t really care at this point.  I feel I need to live out the belief that this has been a significant time of healing.

Yesterday, when I went to get my chemo injection, I asked the nurses at Haematology if I could get a printout of my results.  These ladies have been an amazing support for me over my entire journey. I told them a month ago that if I got better, it would be because of Gods word being relied on for my healing. The were stoked that I got the results I got, and were gobsmacked that it has happened.

My results clearly show my blood and urine tests from a month ago, where indicators were found in my blood and urine, to what they were now, after the month of praying Gods word and having prayer for healing a couple of times.  Last month’s results say clearly ‘D’ (- detectable), Abnormal, and proteins present in my whizz.  My levels in my blood were 8 point something (still good – normal range is 3.3-20 roughly).  My protein level in my blood is now 6.6 (the lowest it has ever been), and now the report reads ‘ND’ (not detectable) and Normal.  Ultimately, they read as any healthy person’s results would read.  Go figure.

So it would be rude of me to not live in light of these results, though that is harder than it sounds to do for reasons I may go into later.

For now, I yearn for my physical body and my mind to catch up with my good news.  No pain, and no pain respectively.  It gives me hope, certainly, as there was a lot riding on these results.  I was ready to go into this last consult on Friday to tell Dr Brad that I had had enough treatment.  The whole, ‘enough is enough’ chat.  It is the equivalent to switching off life support, it just takes a bit longer and there is less beeping of the machines.  I told Carms on the way into the consult to be prepared to hear that conversation, and she was, as much as you can be.

So it has been a significant turnaround.  Timing was impeccable.  We didn’t talk about much treatment at all, apart from coming off chemo completely fairly soon.  That is a miracle.  What you have read bears testament to it.  If the cancer comes back tomorrow, bah humbug – a miracle took place last week.


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