The day I have waited for…

Posted on May 22nd, 2010 by Cam.
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Last Monday I donated my usual 5 vials of blood and jar of urine whenever tests are due.  On Thursday I went to see Dr Brad to find out what the results were.  To refresh the memories, I had bloods done several weeks back and they detected no cancer – stunned.  A couple of weeks ago I had scans done and the report said ‘results in keeping with healed myeloma’.  This set of results could’ve been the third lot that said no cancer.

And they were.  Dr Brad hadn’t seen the results before I went in for the consult and so he had no pre-warning that they would once again be completely clean.  No cancer detected anywhere.  “When do you finish chemo?” he asked, expecting that I was still on chemo.  “I finished a month ago”, said I with a grin.

All my results are completely normal – everything – kidney function, calcium, platelets, haemoglobin, blood counts, proteins, blood red, urine yellow – everything was completely normal for a normal healthy human.  This is the first time in 3 years that I have had normal results.  I feel great, I am happy, I have an intense desire to be and stay alive.  This is the complete opposite to how things were only 6 weeks ago.   This, indeed, is miraculous.

God has done the amazing, the impossible, the unexpected.  I declare that all things that may have contributed to my healing have been wrapped up in His goodness.  Medicine, prayers from the persistent, one-off prayers for healing, the power for healing in God’s Word, the encouragement and care from friends and family, the provision of people who have intervened in my life to show hope – they have all been a gift from God, nothing less.

From here, I don’t really mind what happens in some ways.  I know that a miracle, or many miracles really, have taken place.  Even this weekend, I have been able to come off my painkillers with relatively little shutdown physically and breakdown mentally as has been the case before.

There is much more to explain, more to understand.  But for now I am happy not to worry about that, and just be thankful, plan to have a future, live in the now, and get excited about not being sick anymore.

There is no way this life could have turned around this quick without the swift workings of a loving Creator.  Of this I have no doubt.  The prayers requesting God somehow be glorified through all of this have been answered, and I feel there is more to come.


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