Last Friday.

Posted on May 10th, 2011 by Cam.
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Last Friday I received results that were less than favourable.  My Kappa light chains have gone from 20, to 40, to 140+ in the last month or so.  This is unexpected.

We have been feeling the opposite.  I feel quite well and although there is significant pain in my ribs and thigh, we believe that is being looked after.  We have never felt as confident and provided for as we have since praying as we have been, and believing as we have.

Still, the news did not faze us at all – it was literally business as usual.  The praying just got more intense, more specific and more encouraging.  There is more going on than a focus for healing.  A lifestyle that reflects God’s truth is a priority.  Until I understand the true nature of God, the more I feel I am running around in useless circles, trying to do His job.  I could do without this running around at the moment.

Wedding plans are coming along superbly.  We feel so provided for, and we believe the destructive events that led to the postponing of the first two dates have been turned into something better for us.  The last few months have been incredible.

This week, I have a PET scan and a few more blood tests to get through before they will work out some medical options for us to consider.  The closer these medical decisions come, the closer the reality of Christ’s healing becomes.  So we trust, we get excited, we have absolute peace and our hope grows every day.  Very much a win/win situation here.  I feel I have everything I need.

We are prepared for an amazing year.


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