Take Me Home

Posted on August 31st, 2011 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

Written and performed by Cameron Marshall Harris.

Cam wrote “Take Me Home” when he was 19. I discovered that he had secretly recorded this song on 19/07/11 – exactly one month before he passed away.


K senior

Comment on March 10th, 2012.

I have followed cameron on his journey he was inspirational very brave, and a lovely man , who gave so much to this world, I was very sad to hear he had passed on . the people he inspired will remember him with love, respect and, admiration and tell his story,for many decades, he will have helped medical science so much in his short life and will never be forgotten. Aunty Katherine England

MJ Leaver

Comment on March 14th, 2012.

That was absolutely beautiful.

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