A defining week, hopefully.

Posted on October 8th, 2007 by Cam.
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This week is a big week for us. The specialists were meeting today to work out more of a definite diagnosis and treatment plan for me. It is a tricky situation, and has required patience to wait for answers. There is a big difference between having a Plasmacytoma and having Multiple Myeloma as far as treatment and prognosis is concerned. We have been prepared as much as possible for the worst, but it doesn’t make the wait any easier. We should find out tomorrow.
We feel like we are on standby for a flight we don’t want to catch, but know it is the only way to reach the destination. It is just that the flight is so risky, the airline food sucks and the forecast is for turbulence the whole trip. Whatever the case, our bags are packed and there have been many others who have caught this flight and made the trip ok.
Both Eilzabeth and I have been exhausted this last week. Our usual routine is to do something for about an hour a day (usually this is the radiotherapy outing) and then crash for about 3 hours and sleep. I think the emotional aspect of what we are expecting and what we have been through is taking its toll on our bodies. Elizabeth’s work has been extremely kind to us and really gone out of their way to make things great for us. It has made a huge difference in being able to get through these weeks and we are incredibly thankful to everyone there for the way they have cared for us.


nate pennington

Comment on October 9th, 2007.

Dopey!!! I am here…actually way over here…but here none the less. I just watched some of the videos and have to say how small your marble bag looked while you were a body builder. Maybe, during some of the treatments, you can get them to put something down there to kinda fluff it up a little, if you catch my drift. I love you and miss you and am praying hard for you and your family.
nate dogg


Comment on October 13th, 2007.

yo man u are awsome prayin hard hoping to see ya soon some off the boys are wontin to come c ya hopfully i can c ya 2 keep it real cam ur a legend to many of us
love ya heaps man
from francsis

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