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Posted on October 9th, 2007 by Cam.
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Most of us are not surprised that there are no definite answers today. We had a great chat with the Oncologist this morning. She spent a lot of time with us talking through the results of all the scans and tests that have been done. The bottom line is that things are still inconclusive. We saw the nuclear scan that shows up the hot-spots where high metabolic activity is taking place. This can often highlight areas of old trauma or cancer. There are definitely suspicious patches on my pelvis and a few on my ribs. So we go on to the next step.
The next step is to have a specific MRI and CT scan of my pelvis. This should give us the answers that we need in order for the diagnosis to be defined. The downside is that we are still having to wait. The upside is that it buys us a few weeks before we venture down the chemo road. We were able to call a friend who works in radiology who kindly organised a MRI and CT scan for tomorrow. If we had of gone through the public system the expected wait would be about 8 weeks.
Libs and I were talking tonight about how good it will be for me to feel well again. Feeling ‘well’ seems so foreign to me now. I have forgotten what it feels like to ride a bike, go for a run, etc. At this stage, I am looking forward to losing the walking frame and crutches. I would also love to lose the headache, radiotherapy rash on my chest and chest infection.
What I have lost, however, is my chest hair in a patch over my sternum. This would be good to get back, as my bling looks so much better with a fury backdrop.


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