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Posted on October 18th, 2007 by Cam.
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We had a meeting with the Haematologist this Monday, I forgot to mention. It seems my case is very extraordinary, and therefore quite difficult to work out what is going on. He said that nothing has really been usual in my case and therefore they are not going to be taking any chances with what to expect. It seems that my journey has been quite uncharacteristic of this disease from the start, including that it is presenting in a 33 year old.

We have decided at this stage to harvest my stem cells as a way of ‘hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst’. There is a timing issue in that if they need to radiate my pelvis in the future, it could delay the treatment process. I was happy to hear that they are planning to extract my stem cells with a process that doesn’t involve chemotherapy. It will involve daily injections for about 5 – 10 days until enough stem cells jump ship from my bones to my blood stream. Then, the stem cells are captured with a particular machine that I call ‘The Stem Cell Catcher Machine’ (I know, brilliant). Then the little suckers are put on on the shelf until I need them, if I need them. If they end up not using them for infusions, I will ask if I can get my stem cells back so that I dabble in a bit of cloning.

Libs and I are taking the next four weeks off, so two weeks are hanging around here for a few more appointments, and then two to go AWOL. We just need to go somewhere where I don’t have to look at another blood collection trolley, x-ray machine, biopsy needle or sterile sample bottle for a while.

Aside from that, for those that are not aware, there are some really valuable comments that people are posting where they are sharing their own journeys. I have found these really insightful and would encourage people to keep their eyes on the comment sections (by clicking on the word ‘Comments’ at the bottom of each post) or to post your own experiences. You may find that sharing your walk with others is the cheapest therapy ever.


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