Posted on December 6th, 2007 by Cam.
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This is the ‘prelude to a harvest’. I am injecting a growth hormone that increases the production of stem cells and forces them into the bloodstream in a higher concentration. One of the side effects is bone pain, similar to growing pains. It felt like something was sqeezing my spine from the inside in a throbbing motion whenever I stood up or sat down. This footage contains sub-cutaneous needle use.

The Stem Cell Harvester. The blood comes out of one arm, goes into the centrifuge to be spun around. From what I understand, the red blood cells go into the bottom level, the plasma comes to the top, and the stem cells are located in the layer in between. This process is able to get about 1mL of the good juice per minute. Like liquid gold, but less pretty to look at.

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INJECTATHON: you druggy u lol

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