We wish you a hairy chestmas

Posted on December 17th, 2007 by Cam.
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Sister Rach and BIL Michael arrived yesterday so we are enjoying all being in the same state over Christmas. Very exciting year coming up. We were able to watch a DVD of the ultrasound scan showing their baby taken about a week ago. Amazing footage! We could watch the baby sucking its thumb, opening and closing its mouth, moving arms and legs. It should be making its grand entrance into the world early May.
As for me, I am not sure what to expect day to day. I am not sure what determines the way I physically feel from day to day. Yesterday was pretty good. I was able to move pretty well, apart from some back pain in the evening. This morning I woke up sore and just haven’t been able to shake that lethargic feeling. I am at the studio now but doing very little. I cant stand for long, can’t use my arms for long, and can’t concentrate for long. But I find that coming into work each day makes me enjoy being at home more in the evenings, and I don’t go stir crazy as quickly.
So I am really looking forward to these coming weeks and Christmas. We went to our first Christmassy event last night at a carols by candlelight where Carms (younger sister) was singing. Very nice.
In reference to the heading today, I am coming to terms with the fact a smooth, hairless patch on my torso is now going to be with me for life. Fantastic.

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