The three weeks post stem cell infusion.

Posted on May 11th, 2008 by Cam.
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This is on the 17th of April when I received my stem cells back. An important part of the process, you can imagine. The red goop in the bag are my stem cells collected last November. It was good to be reunited. Two days prior to this footage been taken, I had the high-dose chemo, so the destruction of my marrow was already taking place. Using my own stem cells is called an autologous infusion. One of the later forms of treatment may be to use someone else’s matched stem cells, like one of my sister’s for example. This is called an allogeneic transplant.

Almost a week later, I my temperature started to creep up after getting some kind of infection. Our only option was to head to the emergency department. Due to a bed shortage, I spent the first night in isolation in ED.

Hair falling out. Live. Soon after this footage was taken, Elizabeth shaved my head. To cut a long story short, I got cold when we took the towels off that we had put around me to catch the hair. I got rigors, and shook uncontrollably for the next 20-30 minutes. A nice warm bed and some pethidene put an end to that, thank goodness. It took a day for my body to recover – exhausting.

A day in the hospital life.

Always good to be heading home.

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Comment on May 12th, 2008.

Wilson and I have just watched all the footage, he was mesmerized by your hair falling out and then being completely bald..despite all that he was by far most impressed by your reference to Obi Wan Kenobi…you are now his hero.

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