When news ain’t welcome

Posted on October 3rd, 2008 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

Very mindful tonight of a friend I met through the chemo gym who has Hodgkins Lymphoma. Her name is Anne and she has been in Melbourne for the last couple of months on a trial drug regime. Her autologous stem-cell transplant was not very effective, and she has decided to go on a trial program before the next stage of transplant.

Thankfully, she was accepted into the trial program that is only being done in Melbourne at the moment. It makes her quite lethargic and nauseous in the recommended dose, so it has been reduced to a manageable amount. Today she got the results back from her CT scan and it shows that a nodule in her lungs has increased in size.

Anne has dealt with her situation in an amazing way ever since I have known her (and I am sure before that!) and she seems to be able to remain level-headed through what she has been through. When results come through that are not expected like this, I begin to realize what it is like when friends look on and feel a sense of helplessness in the situation. As Anne put it today, “it is not the worst news ever…”

So here’s to you Anne, Graham and Fam, I am hoping your good news comes swiftly.


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