Looking back, looking forward

Posted on October 10th, 2008 by Cam.
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There has been an amazing change that has come over me in the last two weeks I think. This latest scare with the finding of the mass in my chest started with breathing difficulties, pain in my hip and all over weakness only about six weeks ago. Now I can honestly say that I have almost forgotten what it is like to feel sick. It is an amazing difference.

Looking back, it has been eighteen months, maybe two years since I felt this good. I literally feel like I would feel the same if I was a perfectly well 34 year old who had been a bit sedentary for the winter months. My muscles are still trying to find their memory and my bones may creak from time to time, but no more than they did before all the hoo-har began.

While I was in Albany the other weekend, I was challenged to run. I thought, “I actually feel I can do this” so run I did. The first 30 meters or so would be very loosely defined as ‘running’. The first 3 meters were spent realising that my body had forgotten how to move forward at a rapid pace, and the remaining 27 meters were really just throwing my feet out in front of my body while it laterally fell. I ran about 300 meters without stopping, so I was quite surprised how quickly I have returned to my usual peak fitness level.

Now I am riding each day to work. It is one kilometer away – an intense one kilometer. I imagine it won’t be long before I can remove the training wheels and get enough speed to overtake pedestrians. It is good to have goals.

My excitement is building with getting into some full-time work again. I went to a workshop on business management, have worked on promotional material all week, and have worked on some design development for the silver work. I think the biggest problem I am going to face now is how to divide my time between the workshop, the education website and the filming of documentaries. I will explain all these projects a little later down the line when the websites are up. But for now, looking forward, I am pretty amped.


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