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Posted on October 27th, 2008 by Cam.
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There is a lot of reflection that goes on with all that has happened over the year or so. For me, life before this all happened was difficult enough. In the midst of facing mortality comes a vast array of responses as to how to deal with the next day.

I guess I know of people who’s approach to coping with life’s traumas is to shelter themselves from the full brunt of the devastating reality, then once they are through the harshest point, they find it best to minimize their ordeal emotionally and move on. I can empathise here, because I have tried to cope with some traumatic situations in this way, and it has been to my own detriment and to the detriment of those around me. It may be a coping strategy, but maybe more for the short term.

In coming to terms with what has gone on recently, there have been many things that have risen to the surface that have been unresolved over the years. Now they cannot be just put out of sight as a way of ‘dealing’ with them. I know this is not what everyone experiences, but for me, it is the biggest task on the menu at the moment.

It is often when we humans stop, or slow down at least, that our unresolved issues have a chance to catch up with us. I suppose there are a few ways to avoid this having an affect on us – we can just keep busy, shut down emotionally, keep ourselves distracted with menial interests, or drugs and alcohol can work well – just to name a few.

I find it difficult to have to sort through this stuff – Is it going to be beneficial? Can I actually get through it without losing my mind? Why would I choose to deal with stuff that makes my throat swell and chest tighten just thinking about it? I think these are all very real and valid questions, but I have experienced severe changes in my persona and behaviour because they are shaped around avoiding dealing with the unresolved – and this hasn’t been healthy.

I have had a few discussions with friends about confronting conflict recently, and I believe it has some similarities with how we deal with the trauma in our lives. In the instances where I have avoided conflict with someone, the relationship has never grown, or been restored. In some cases, I have left the conflict unresolved because it was just too personally damaging to be in the situation – it seemed right just to leave it be and as a result, I said farewell to the development of the relationship.

I believe the same when we are dealing with life’s traumas and hurts. I guess if we are not prepared to deal with the realities of issues that grieve us in this life, the alternative coping strategies will not result in personal growth, insight or resolution.

So I am not really surprised that there is a lot coming to the surface in my life. It is causing a lot of grief in the present, but there is a quiet excitement that comes from the hope of getting it sorted. I certainly am not experiencing any hint of the relief that I hope will come down the track, but for now, I just believe that it is possible and remain encouraged by others who have come out of similar situations triumphantly.

So this stuff can stir up a desperate need to rid oneself of anything that is not sitting right. I guess that is why so many people make life-altering decisions when they come through a tough time. I don’t believe it is good enough to walk away from difficult situations, hoping that we will forget about them as we continue in our busy, distracted lives. For me, I won’t feel truly well, until I am truly free.

To illustrate what can happen when we avoid facing reality, we should remember what happened to The Black Knight.


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