Posted on November 18th, 2008 by Cam.
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I am not even going to pretend to know how to convey my thanks to people who have been a great support to Elizabeth and I since this website went up last year. The debriefing has been therapeutic, but the support and love shown by people has been more than overwhelming.

I am incredibly thankful to everyone who has walked beside us and I feel honored that people would share what we have gone through. I am thankful to God, my fam, my friends and people who I have met through this time.

For now, it is time to hang up the boots. There may be an appropriate time to continue journalling here again, or to conclude this chapter in some way, but for now the website will be in remission.

Once again, thank you.

Cam & Elizabeth


Sharon Murphy

Comment on November 18th, 2008.

Well Cam I am truly sad that I will not be regularly reading something that you have written whether it be about myeloma or not.
I found your blog on an American myeloma forum site at a time when I needed to connect with someone who understood exactly what I was feeling and there you were writing my feelings with your words (sounds like a song dose n’t it) and even though we have never met I feel like I know you.
I don’t know many men who can articulate their feelings as honestly as you have, I think you have a real talent for writing I would love to read any book that you may decide to write in the future.
I wish you and Liz long healthy lives and I pray that your blog remains in remission forever, and if you are ever in Dora Creek (NSW) please look me up.
Love Sharon.


Comment on November 18th, 2008.

Hay! I will miss this place. Perhaps you will start a new blog or continue between a hard rock and a place. Your welcome to visit His Garden – leave a comment so I know you’ve been there :0)
Grace & Peace!


Comment on November 19th, 2008.

How wonderful to see you finish this chapter. I hope it has cobwebs and is a web relic next time you choose to reflect on it. May it never be opened and written in again. God bless you both.


Comment on November 19th, 2008.

But, how will I continue to stalk you?
If I can’t live my life vicariously through you, then what is a bod to do?

Tell me, did you ever see the movie, ‘Fatal Attraction’?

Be seein’ ya…

The Stalker

Comment on November 19th, 2008.

This is great news Cam, but i have to say, i will miss reading your journey, bith the triumphs and struggles.
I too will have to find alternative ways to stalk you.
But if this means you’re in remission indefinetely, then I say SHUT IT DOWN!!
Will you be starting any new sites???
Maybe i just need to get my own life!

God Bless You Cam!

Sally Hopper

Comment on November 20th, 2008.

Hi Cam
Just want to say that even though I haven’t written on the site for a while I’ve still been following the journey. I will miss seeing you and what you’re up to but wish you all the best Thanks for all the honesty along the way
God bless and lots of love


Comment on November 20th, 2008.

Kick ass guys, we love you :)


Comment on November 20th, 2008.

God Bless xx

Stu & Jules

Comment on November 20th, 2008.

Thanks for all your insights. Wishing you & Elizabeth the very best.
Love Stu, Jules & Eddy


Comment on November 20th, 2008.

Blessings to you and Liz as you have been a blessing to me with your insights, honesty and quirky humour. Much luv – Katie’ mum / Asher’s G’ma

yet another fan

Comment on November 20th, 2008.

Another chapter finishes, hey! Hope the next one will be more fun than this last one was. All the best with your new journey x

Dave Marlow

Comment on November 20th, 2008.

Hi Cam, I’ve been irregularly following your progress from afar. Great to hear that you’re feeling like you’re through the dark forest and into the lush green fields on the other side. Drop us an email sometime, I’ve been too old-fashioned for this webby/bloggy stuff :-) All the best to you and Liz, let us know when you’re next in Melbourne. Love Dave, Christine & 3 kids (which will be 4 in May!)

Cams' Fam

Comment on November 21st, 2008.

While ‘walking beside’, we of Cams’ family have been constantly moved and amazed by the loving care, devotion and commitment given to Cam. Elizabeth, you are a treasured gift, dearly loved and profoundly admired. We honour you and your precious family who selflessly released you to us. To all those who prayed, wept, loved, cooked, wrote, heard, blogged, treated, encouraged, visited and walked beside Cam and Elizabeth, we add our heartfelt gratitude to their expression. It reached us too. To our loving changeless God, our profound gratitude. Cam and Libs, we are all still ‘walking beside’ with huge love.


Comment on November 21st, 2008.

Hi Cam,
I will miss reading your wonderful humour and honesty.
Good luck to you both with all of your endevours. I hope your silver work really takes off and that you stay happy & healthy. Thanks for the journey

Linda M

Comment on November 22nd, 2008.

God bless you both ,looking forward to next chapter as we journey life together. Linda M