Numb, but want to be more numb.

Posted on August 21st, 2010 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

I guess I am still in a little shock, and numbness of mind.  I haven’t prepared for this next phase, and I don’t like what is happening already.

My body is so very sore, all the time.  My hip freezes up with pain often, I felt dizzy all day yesterday and today, and my whole body is in constant discomfort. I want to see if I can get rid of this naturally before my next blood test in 3 weeks.

I am very tired, both emotionally, and for having some sensational late nights.  I just want to be able to move properly again, not be in pain for the rest of my life.

Oh.. I don’t know…



Comment on August 22nd, 2010.


Rosemary Tester

Comment on August 23rd, 2010.

My prayers are with you at this time. It makes me sad to hear that the cancer is back and you are in pain. May God carry you through this time . Love Rosemary Tester
P.S. Katie had a baby boy on the 3rd August and Melanie is due on the 6th Feb

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