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Posted on August 23rd, 2010 by Cam.
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This may seem strange, but I am the happiest at this point in time than I have been in a long, long time.

Last Friday was tough, sure, but a peace has settled in over the weekend and I have no fear whatsoever.  The underlying grief is still there, but that is something to take hold of to add to our reality authentically so that we can empathise and connect with the brokenness that surrounds us on levels not possible otherwise.

I have everything going for me at the moment.  Incredible family, incredible friends, an incredible medical team and an overseeing Creator who is very much in my situation, not standing by.  More and more, my predicament and the predicament of others I meet leads me to a deeper understanding of the  bigger picture, the one where I am thankful for the Hope I have, rather than bitter at this temporary discomfort this life holds at this time.

More than ever, the suffering I experience, and that which I see around me, leads me to a deeper understanding of my need for a saviour – not from my sickness, but from the bigger brokenness we experience in this life.  As I have said for many years, if the brokenness of this world wasn’t so ugly, riddled with grief, unjust or painful, we would have no need for a saviour – a caretaker to mend the little things would do.  Our deep sense of loss that we feel when unfair things happen get covered up by another ‘unfair’ version of restoration through Grace.

What I hope for is this unfair restoration.  A broken body to be restored, countering sickness.  An eternal relief from the physical and emotional destruction – but preferably the restored body at this time!

I have got it good.  Really, really good.

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Tracey,Jordon and Harry

Comment on August 30th, 2010.

Hi Cam,we send you our love and strength.You are in our thoughts and prayers.Guess we will have to take a rain check on taking down all of the local athletes,no worries me old darlin it sure is something to look forward too.
Congratulations on your new nephew, great name.Better warn them that he will be 6’3″ in just a few years!
Love to you and all of your lovely familyxxx

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