Hospital day

Posted on September 9th, 2010 by Cam.
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This morning I woke up with a very sore lower back, and I knew that it was time to act quickly.  I have had the sore back for months now, but only recently have I felt it was possibly connected to the cancer.  So I emailed Dr Brad, and called his rooms.  I explained my concerns and he called me in straight away.  Within minutes of being there, I had a request for an MRI, some more tests and an infusion that was due next week.

Dr Brad’s concern was the same as mine.  It seems to be either a tumour pushing on the spinal cord, or some compressed vertebrae.  Neither of these are good news, we just need to see exactly what it is before it gets any worse.  It grieves me to think of what else I may lose in the near future, and what I may have already lost.

This is tough, no doubt, but I am still drawn to see the big picture.  I am happy, have so much to look forward to, and more passion to be alive than ever before.

I just pray to be around to enjoy my new life for a long time.



Comment on September 10th, 2010.

endurance is your special word for now

Tracey Jordon and Harry

Comment on September 11th, 2010.

Thinking of you and your family Cam.Lots of love and strength to you

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