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Posted on September 20th, 2010 by Cam.
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That is probably the first time I have ever written a heading that states it as it is.  I received my results back from my bone density scan and my spine MRIs.

The MRI indicates a strong, solid spine with no evidence of any lesion or compromising fracture (all scarring and pitting is in keeping with healed myeloma).  So at least now I know that my spine is strong – I can pick things up again, bend over a little – without fearing something is going to snap.  I can’t begin to explain how debilitating the mere thought of that is, and how it affects how you operate every minute of the day.

The bone density scan came back on the same day.  The report said that my bones are as good as anyone else’s in my age group.  Yeah baby.

Receiving these good reports made me feel so much better!  They were like medicine to my bones.  Funny that.

After being in pain for another few months, it has been necessary to get back on the pain gear to make it through the day.  Oxycontin has once again become a friend whom I have come to depend on.  I get frantic when I run low, and panic when I run out.  I know what coming down can do to me.  After watching the last 10 minutes of a Dr Phil episode the other day, it seems a lot of people are affected by it.  There is a doco called The Oxycontin Express – I would be very keen to see it.  Pain medication has had a massive impact on my over the last year especially, to the point where I feel I have a personal relationship with my drug.  Thankfully, now it is under control and does its job well.

Here’s to strong bones.


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