Merry Christmas

Posted on December 24th, 2010 by Cam.
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Today Ash and I went to see Dr Brad.

After a pain in my ribs for a week or two, I suspected things weren’t going well.  I got some test results back this morning confirming that my cancer is once again back and the levels are way out of the safe zone.  This was not in the plan.

I have not written for a while as much has gone on that has been too difficult to write about, along with some great things happening as well.  The busyness factor has been out of control recently, as Ash and I prepare to get married in less than a month.  Ash has done an amazing job in organising so much, while I have been trying to get all my work done before the year is out.

My family continue to be amazing.  Mum has been looking after me at every opportunity and Dad again has come to my rescue invaluably to help me get my silver work completed.  For them, it is what they do normally, but for me, it has saved a lot of stress.

I am numb at the moment.  I think it was the first time today that I actually broke down a few times in the clinic.  I am usually fine until I have to tell other people, but when I see their reaction it is difficult to keep it together.  This is the first time that Ash has had to hear this kind of news first hand.  She has been such a support for me.  I have been so blessed to have people around me who have been incredible.

Enough for now.  Got to get on with being merry.  I guess it is a timely reminder at this time of year to spend whatever time we can with friends and family.  At least with Christmas eve, we know what season is around the corner.


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