Posted on January 2nd, 2011 by Cam.
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Over the last few days, the rib pain has been getting worse.  Once Dr Brad was informed of this, he called me to organise I come in first thing this week to get it seen to.  I assume it will be a trip to the CT scanner for another measure up, then hopefully I will start radiation asap.  Ultimately, I do not want to have any more radiation, but it did take the pain away last time, and I can’t afford to have my para-protein levels come up any more.

Our trip to Dr Brad last week revealed that my cancer is again out of control.  This part was not meant to happen.  I went through a time of really believing that I had seen the end of this, and again it has come back.  The process of going through ups and downs, believing fervently in one thing, then having it change, makes me less certain about everything.  It doesn’t depend on how I feel, whether I am up or down.  It is just there, and it comes and goes when it wants.  I feel like I have tried everything.

My levels are high, but they are not quite high to qualify for Velcade again.  This is the drug that I responded well to last time.  Dr Brad is able to get me on the trial, which is hospital based, which means they very kindly look after the costs.  I do not want to qualify for the drug, as it means I have to stay within easy travelling distance from the hospital, live in constant lethargy and then that is kind of it.

We still want to look into as many other options as reasonable.

Ash and I are about two weeks from being married.  It seems at this stage we will be postponing the honeymoon to be back for treatment in time.  The first few months of the trial is said to be quite intense and our opportunities to travel will be limited.  A few weeks ago, I was discussing with the hip surgeon, Mr Khan, about doing a full hip replacement on my existing prosthesis sometime early next year.  At this rate, it seems chemo will be the priority.


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