Posted on January 6th, 2011 by Cam.
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“Dicken” is my Dad’s swear word. Similar words went through my head this morning after my radio-oncologist, Dr Mandy, showed me several CT cross-sections of my abdo/thoracic region taken minutes before. The good news is that there seemed to be very little activity where the pain was in my ribs. The bad news is that the reason for the pain is actually coming from a grapefruit-size tumour on the left of my spine, and the pain is radiating to the rib. I have very little sensation on the skin around my left side of my abdomen as the tumour has compromised this nerve.

Ash and I just booked and put a deposit on our honeymoon last night, and today we were told that we needed to radiate this baby pretty soon, so going away was a real concern. We ended up having to cancel the trip and come straight back to Perth after the wedding.

I will be given a one-off dose to the front of my ribs as we did last time, but the tumour on my spine will require many sessions over a month or so. The penny dropped today, as last night I told Ash I felt considerable pain in the left side of my lower back. Now it has a reason. It is rather painful, and keeps me awake most nights.

Still, today, I was incredibly happy. The airline was able to give us most of our deposit back, and there is a chance we may get even more back after the weekend. The rest of my body has been feeling really great and I am generally quite excited by everything that is going on aside from health.

I have a PET scan tomorrow, and get some blood results back. Great way to start the weekend :)


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