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Posted on January 12th, 2011 by Cam.
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For those who are not aware of the situation here in Australia, a lot of our eastern areas have been hit very severely with unprecedented flooding, destroying vast regional and metro areas and claiming lives.

Our thoughts are with everyone who is going through this tragic time in these affected areas.

Ash and I are still planning at this stage to be married in Brisbane (which is one of the badly affected cities) on the 22nd of January (yes, end of next week). Already, our reception venue (which is located on the river) called ‘Drift’ has been flooded and is at risk of sinking or floating away.

We will be making decisions over the next few days as to what to do regarding the going ahead of our current plans considering all that locals need to be dealing with at the moment. Heartbreaking to see such devastation and tragedy.

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Comment on January 13th, 2011.

more storms and upheavel – Dickens!

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