Posted on January 14th, 2011 by Cam.
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The floods in Queensland have been devastating to say the least. Not only that, but it seems all over the world is experiencing natural disasters. It seems strange to me that I haven’t heard any connections between all the disasters made on the news to other worldwide disasters. It is like everyone is reporting on their own disasters and not acknowledging that the world is under global stress. Birth pangs?

We have had to cancel our wedding plans in Brisbane. Ash has been on the phone all morning cancelling bookings. It looks like we will be having a Perth wedding sometime in February. It is a shame that we may not be able to have as many family and friends from over east make it to the wedding. We will have to have a party over there when things settle down a bit after the cleanup. The clips below show where our wedding reception was going to take place. Appropriately named ‘Drift Restaurant’, part of it ended up floating down a river and crashing under a bridge and the other part completely underwater on the banks of the Brisbane River. Even as I write, the flooding continues to rise in some areas, so the enormity is still yet to be realised.

I have spent a couple of days in hospital, just being discharged yesterday afternoon. I had acute abdo pains all night a few nights ago, and after getting through the night with the pain, I ended up heading into Emergency at 5:30 in the morning. I had a dose of radiation the night before on my chest/abdo, but it was more of a digestive pain. It seems the combination of steroids, drugs, radiation and tumours caused enough pain to get me into have it checked out. As it turns out, again, it was a good thing that I ended up in hospital at this point.

When they checked out my PET scan results from last week, they were able to confirm that my tumours are not just on my spine. They are also on the left side of my ribs, right side of the ribs and back in my sternum. This was not the news we needed. It did mean, however, that our plans to go away and marry had to be changed in order to get treatment sooner rather than later. Even today, I am in enough pain to warrant being worried, not being able to move much without significant chest pain, even though I am on strong pain killers. The nerves on the left side of my chest have been crushed by tumours so I have lost a lot of the peripheral feeling in my skin on that side.

I will need to start radiation sooner rather than later, and it may mean I start the hospital trial sooner too. Not good. I mean, great that I am able to get the chemo, but being locked into a year of lethargy and discomfort does not get me that excited.


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