Getting worse, fast.

Posted on January 24th, 2011 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

The pain on my left hand side has been getting significantly worse over the week. I spent a few days in hospital the week before last with some pain after a blast of radiotherapy, but the pain has not left – it has just got worse.
While we were in church last night, Ash was rubbing my back and we discovered that there is now a palpable tumour coming along my ribs at the back. It has compromised the nerves along the ribs and the loss of sensation on the left hand side of my chest and abdomen.

We are now quite concerned about the rapid progression, and that we know it is still close to the spine. I expect to be starting radiotherapy asap as we wait on a call this morning to find out when to come into the hospital.

On to better news, it looks as though after our Brisbane wedding venue didn’t work out due to floods, it seems we are able to get into a fabulous location here in Perth on Cottesloe Beach. Cottesloe has significance for us both, as we were engaged there, but also it was a place where Ash and her fam spent quite a bit of time with brother Mark when he was diagnosed with cancer. We find out today or tomorrow if we can lock it in.


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