Another week, another admission

Posted on January 29th, 2011 by Cam.
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Over the last couple of days, I have been feeling increasingly run down and in pain. I hadn’t slept for a few nights as the pain from the lesions has been too much. It is not just the pain, but the disconcerting feeling of bone being eaten while I sleep – that thought tends to keep me awake also.

After waiting a couple of days for things to improve, I decided it was time to once again head to ED. Again, I was blown away by everyone’s care for me when I came in. I had called ahead to Haematology to get advice from Dr Brad who told me to come straight in. When I got to ED, they were expecting me, had my name on a bed, and on a ‘crazy busy’ day in ED, I was in a resus room within minutes being checked over.

It was only a short time before I was on the ward, and thankfully, in my own room where I was able to get settled straight away. It is incredibly quiet here on the ward which has been great as I have been craving sleep for days.

Pain management is the main thing at this point. It has put my mind at ease quite a bit not having to think too much about what is going on in my body physically, and I can lay down and sit up without being too uncomfortable. I have stopped underestimating my description of the pain to the nurses so that we just go straight to maximum pain meds, including oxycontin, oxycodone, pregablin, endone, paracetamol and a shot of morphine every two hours. Still, the pain creeps back once these wear off and it is only after each shot of morphine that I feel normal.

I am here in hospital until Tuesday at least. They are fast-tracking the tests as much as possible so that I can qualify to get onto Velcade as early as Monday morning. This begins what is planned to be a year of chemo.

That is the objective account of what is happening. My mind feels overwhelmed with the implications of the current situation but after a weekend of rest I hope I can begin to process things a bit better.

I am so thankful for people’s prayers and support at this time. It has meant so much to me, and has been a huge comfort at a time of huge discomfort. I don’t feel abandoned by God at all, although I am struggling to deal with the reality that all this is happening again and I feel like I have very little reserve of strength left for this stage. If it were not for such amazing family, friends and fiancĂ©es I would be lost I am sure. Ash’s mum Pam arrived a couple of days ago for a few weeks over the wedding. It has worked out great that she can be here for Ash during this time. Ash has been such an amazing support – she has just arrived with Pam, better go :)


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