Another week, another admission

Posted on January 29th, 2011 by Cam.
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Over the last couple of days, I have been feeling increasingly run down and in pain. I hadn’t slept for a few nights as the pain from the lesions has been too much. It is not just the pain, but the disconcerting feeling of bone being eaten while I sleep – that thought tends to keep me awake also.

After waiting a couple of days for things to improve, I decided it was time to once again head to ED. Again, I was blown away by everyone’s care for me when I came in. I had called ahead to Haematology to get advice from Dr Brad who told me to come straight in. When I got to ED, they were expecting me, had my name on a bed, and on a ‘crazy busy’ day in ED, I was in a resus room within minutes being checked over.

It was only a short time before I was on the ward, and thankfully, in my own room where I was able to get settled straight away. It is incredibly quiet here on the ward which has been great as I have been craving sleep for days.

Pain management is the main thing at this point. It has put my mind at ease quite a bit not having to think too much about what is going on in my body physically, and I can lay down and sit up without being too uncomfortable. I have stopped underestimating my description of the pain to the nurses so that we just go straight to maximum pain meds, including oxycontin, oxycodone, pregablin, endone, paracetamol and a shot of morphine every two hours. Still, the pain creeps back once these wear off and it is only after each shot of morphine that I feel normal.

I am here in hospital until Tuesday at least. They are fast-tracking the tests as much as possible so that I can qualify to get onto Velcade as early as Monday morning. This begins what is planned to be a year of chemo.

That is the objective account of what is happening. My mind feels overwhelmed with the implications of the current situation but after a weekend of rest I hope I can begin to process things a bit better.

I am so thankful for people’s prayers and support at this time. It has meant so much to me, and has been a huge comfort at a time of huge discomfort. I don’t feel abandoned by God at all, although I am struggling to deal with the reality that all this is happening again and I feel like I have very little reserve of strength left for this stage. If it were not for such amazing family, friends and fiancĂ©es I would be lost I am sure. Ash’s mum Pam arrived a couple of days ago for a few weeks over the wedding. It has worked out great that she can be here for Ash during this time. Ash has been such an amazing support – she has just arrived with Pam, better go :)


Thelma & Alan

Comment on January 29th, 2011.

Cam our thoughts and prayers are with you and Ash. Wish we were there now but see you soon. Love from your loving grandparents-in-law to be. xxxxx


Comment on January 29th, 2011.

Far too many multi-sylabic words for my liking.
I trust that you’ll get the rest you need.

Catcha soon,


Comment on January 29th, 2011.

love and peace to you my brother!

Bronny Claughton

Comment on January 30th, 2011.

Walking and praying beside….

lynne warrington

Comment on January 30th, 2011.

Hey Cam, long time since i’ve been here but i do think of you often. We still have your name on our staffroom prayer list. I hope all your plans for the wedding go really smoothly. You obviously have a great girl there beside you. Stacey is getting married on Oct 22 this year. Big plans ahead. Well Cam I pray your treatment goes well and I wish both you and Ash all the best and God’s blessings for your wedding.
Luv Lynne


Comment on January 31st, 2011.

still walking beside… and in awe of the love surrounding you.
J (NSW friend of Mike & Rach)

the Hoppies

Comment on February 1st, 2011.

Thinking of you both and your families -
Praying for you -
Loving you –
lots and always,
the Hoppies oxo

Hayden Fisher

Comment on February 1st, 2011.

Hey Cam,
Your constant ability to look at all things so positively and objectively is truly inspiring. All the very best for your upcoming celebrations.
Kind regards,

Julie Douglas

Comment on February 1st, 2011.

I have been reading your blog and praying for you through this long journey. Thank you for sharing your life with us, the highs and the lows, your faith and your deepest thoughts. Your writing is inspiring and real. You are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Julie

Tracey,jordon and Harry

Comment on February 2nd, 2011.

We are all thinking of you and sending you much love and strength.You are the most amazing person Cam, it is wonderful to know that you have been welcomed into Ash’s family with such love too.How lovely is she !!.
We remember you all in our prayers and hope that the love that surounds you warms your soul.Good luck Cam.
Lots of love from Tracey,Jordon,Harry,Len and Jeanxxxxxx

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