The wedding – the second one that was postponed.

Posted on February 5th, 2011 by Cam.
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Well, Ash and I are meant to be getting married today – this afternoon in fact. My apologies if you have not got the message yet! If it is any consolation, you are welcome to come by the hospital. I can offer chocolate, 110ml serves of orange juice (or apple) and vending machine hot chocolate. It could be a wild night still.

The cancellation of the wedding is the biggest letdown. Given the circumstances however, I know that it is the right decision. Purely from a health perspective, I am laying here in bed on a normal Saturday morning, struggling to focus on words on the screen, struggling with lethargy, struggling to grasp the overwhelming task ahead of getting through this chemo. Not looking forward to it.

I have been on a cocktail of painkillers since I have been in hospital, and they are messing with me I think. I have uncontrollable spasms in my hands that have resulted in dropping things, not being able to type or write etc. Not sure if that will go or not but it makes it hard to get things done.

Since I have been in hostpital, 5 new patients have come and gone, and I have been the second longest-laying patient. Great. The Highlight has been having Jemilla’s 1st birthday here yesterday and the family come up and have a party here at across the hospital hallway. I am really thankful for fam and friends who have been able to pop in and I look forward to seeing others after I get out.

I have had literally hundreds of cannula placements in my arms over the years to get drugs in, to get stuff out. I thought it was an easy procedure to place a cannula. I now have a new appreciation for those who have placed these tubes in my arms. Instead of enjoying matrimonial bliss today, I had a trainee doctor come to place my cannula. First shot was a miss, but it took about 10 minutes of fishing around before concluding that he had punctured and re-punctured the vein too many times to keep going. Except he did. The next 40 minutes were spent trying to get a cannula into a vein in my arm. Dr Think-I-Can-Do-It didn’t end up finding a vein, and my arm ended up with 4 dot-band-aid cemetery on it, paying tribute to the numerous vein casualties we had lost over the 40 minutes or so.

The defeated Dr organised another vein digger to tap the vein, as we were under a strict time limit. I had to get this dose of Velcade in before 2pm or we would be outside the parameters of the trial requirements. The vein had a cannula after only 2 tries on the other arm, so I have 6 punctures over my arm all up, but we got one in. Nurse Annika, who is one of my favourite nurses in the world, looked after me a few years ago when I had my stem-cell transplant. She came in and injected my life-saving Velcade. Done.

My mind is on the wedding that Ash and I were supposed to have today. We look forward to the day when the celebration will take place. Got to get through these health issues for now.



Comment on February 8th, 2011.

Sorry to hear that the wedding couldn’t happen on Saturday, but looking forward to seeing photos of the big day when it happens.

I’ll try and look you up mid-next week for one of the apple juices. In fact, can we mix the apple & orange and make it a real wild one? Party on…

Oh… sorry to hear about your arms, too… when donating blood/plasma, I’ve sometimes had a nurse who was ‘hit and miss’ on a more literal level, but nothing like 6 goes for one needle site… nasty!!


Heather McEwan

Comment on February 9th, 2011.

So many times I’ve begun to write a message and deleted it for the lack of words that will hit the mark. Sometimes peoples attempted words of comfort are just like Dr Think-I-Can-Do-It and his Vein Collapsing Cannula Attempts. So. I wont say much other than you are thought of and prayed for often. And I suspect there are others who lob in here for a read at regular intervals but say nothing also for the same sense of impotence. May God breathe life and healing and His own words of comfort and strength deep into your very bones.

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