End of Round One

Posted on February 13th, 2011 by Cam.
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I have just returned from the hospital where I received my last Velcade injection for this cycle. I now have the next week off, but from memory it is still a bit of a down week until I get about half way through. Just when you start to get your energy back, that is when the next cycle begins. It is going to be a year.

At this point, I feel all my ‘healing’ options are colliding at once. Miraculous healing from God, healing through diet, healing through medicine, healing through exercise, detox programs, therapy this, therapoo that… I am encountering the confusion that is not helped at all by being on significant quantities of painkillers and chemo brain.

I would like healing from God, full stop. Something definite. Something miraculous. Something. I guess I want that one because it is certain. I want the Author and Creator of this body to re-write and tweek. To command cells to do what is right. That is what I need. That is what I want.

Every time I go through a spell of tumours, my skeletal carcass is eaten away in some form or another. I believe that can be healed too, but in the case of my hip, I still wish that I didn’t have to cart around a prosthetic that is attached to me, but not me to it. But on that topic of hip, ever since I took that video of me sprinting at speed down the street demonstrating my lack of hip pain, I have not had any hip pain! That is really phenomenal. considering I have spent a year being tormented by the pain – to the point of planning a complete hip replacement in the hope that it may stop the pain.

I suppose it was an amazing miracle in itself that an injury like the hip caused one year’s worth of excruciating pain, then, just went overnight. I can’t really put it down to anything else but a slight change in medication. I happened to find a bottle of Slow K (potassium chloride) left over from my stem-cell transplant. They tasted like sugar coated almonds so I took some one night (it is the way some Harris family members have come to test medications:) and the pain was gone the next day. Please do not try this at home.

On the diet front, Ash has been phenomenal. She has researched specific juices to keep me healthy on the inside , as well as come across some interesting research on Curcumin which is an extract from the turmeric spice. It has been effective in the treatment of myeloma, to keep it in at least a ‘smouldering’ state.

We have also been really blessed to have great support from our Osteopathy friends that I have been seeing for a while for my range of ailments – mainly my hip and back. They have a really wholistic approach to healing, so when I went there to have my hip seen to, they were able to help out with other parts of my body. They’re names are Kel and Kath, and they have been so helpful to us in support and knowledge. Coffee enemas may also be on the menu down the track, so that could be a good time to get to know Kel a little more. We’ll have to be more specific in the future when either of us suggest for catching up over a coffee, just so I know whether to bring tubing or macaroons.

Although the chemo trial goes for a year, I expect that the peripheral neuropathy will set in earlier than that. I don’t feel this is a pessimistic viewpoint, just a more realistic one based on the way my body has responded in the past.

To clarify, if I haven’t explained this in the past, the chemical trial is run by the hospital over the year and Dr Brad is overseeing its application at Charles Gairdiner Hospital. It is an international trial using the drugs Velcade, Dexamethasone and Panibinostat. I have used the two drugs Velcade and Dexamethasone in tandem before with great results. The only downside is that the nerve damage set in, and that it cost too much for the government to continue paying for it.

Dr Brad got me onto the trial here at Charlies, which I am incredibly grateful for. I didn’t want to go on it, as it signifies the last line of treatment medically available that we are willing at this point to try. After this, medically it is hit or miss.

I want God in on this. I have never felt abandoned by Him, I stand by that. I do wish that more happened before hips went, hair went, etc. Seeing things that make me look sick, make me feel sick. I want to push the limits in my own life about how I believe in the power of prayer for healing by my Creator. I am encouraged incredibly by my church, the people there are beyond amazing, as are my other friends and fam. I almost feel ‘outprayed’ as others take my situation more dire than I do at times.

Ash has endured some of the more bizarre situations. She has had to organise a complete wedding in Brisbane, watch it wash down the river in a natural disaster, re-plan the wedding here in Perth, then drive her fiance to Emergency Department instead as pain got more intense by the day. To cancel that one too was heartbreaking. Add this onto moving state, away from family and friends, etc. She never ceases to amaze me and I am blown away by her compassion, empathy and incredible care for others even while all these other things going on. I feel so incredibly blessed by her. It is Ash’s birthday this coming Saturday. I know without doubt this world got a wonderful gift when Ash was born.



Comment on February 14th, 2011.

Stay strong. I smiled at your coffee & macaroons comment. Its terrific to see with all you have going on you still have an awesome sense of humour.
Who knows that may help you as well.
Following your walk and in awe of your positive nature. You are an inspiration.


Comment on February 20th, 2011.

I’ve been tossing up about writing this but decided I had to. I know that when you get diagnosed with something as serious as cancer, a lot of people will come at you with different suggestions and it can be overwhelming and sometimes you just don’t want to hear it. However, as you are exploring complementary therapies, there is something that my doctor mentioned to me and a few other people. Mistletoe injections. Perhaps you have heard of it? Anyway, thought Ash might want to research it a bit. From the limited information I have, it could be helpful. Anyhow, let me know if you are interested my dear sweet Cameron. Happy birthday to the gorgeous Ash xx

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