What hasn’t been happening?

Posted on March 18th, 2011 by Cam.
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That is more the question, as everything seems to be happening.

The bulk of which I will talk about at a later time, but at the moment, the day-to-day meanderings will need to suffice.

The days at the moment are recorded on my drug chart calendar as a tick (meaning I was feeling ok), a N = Nausea or a T = Tired. I have most days split recently with all three symbols appearing in any given day, but often the N and usually the T. Still, great things happening.

I have been blown away by people’s love and care during the last week which was a birthday week for me. I turned 37 which, let’s face it, is pretty much 40. Whoever coined the phrase ‘Life begins at 40′ had better not have been making stuff up, otherwise I will be heading over to their house in less than 3 years time with a rather large baseball bat, or at least some hot tar and feathers. Not really. I am more than happy with how things are at the moment. I have all the support in the world, all the hope, a lifetime of great experiences, and everything I am experiencing now is worth gold – absolutely.

I have Ash with me, and she has overwhelmed me with goodness, care, and inspired me in ways I thought I would inspire her. Things have got crazy in our world, in the best way possible. More is yet to come.

God is pummelling me with challenges at the moment that I am finding exciting to learn about, experience, and wanting to participate in. It had its beginning in the desire to be healed, but is ending up in a lifestyle of massive expectation of what power is available to us through Him. No limits, aside those which we apply.

Cryptic, yes. But I have been left hanging on more than one occasion, so I am sure you will survive.

That’s enough, for now.


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