What hasn’t been happening?

Posted on March 18th, 2011 by Cam.
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That is more the question, as everything seems to be happening.

The bulk of which I will talk about at a later time, but at the moment, the day-to-day meanderings will need to suffice.

The days at the moment are recorded on my drug chart calendar as a tick (meaning I was feeling ok), a N = Nausea or a T = Tired. I have most days split recently with all three symbols appearing in any given day, but often the N and usually the T. Still, great things happening.

I have been blown away by people’s love and care during the last week which was a birthday week for me. I turned 37 which, let’s face it, is pretty much 40. Whoever coined the phrase ‘Life begins at 40′ had better not have been making stuff up, otherwise I will be heading over to their house in less than 3 years time with a rather large baseball bat, or at least some hot tar and feathers. Not really. I am more than happy with how things are at the moment. I have all the support in the world, all the hope, a lifetime of great experiences, and everything I am experiencing now is worth gold – absolutely.

I have Ash with me, and she has overwhelmed me with goodness, care, and inspired me in ways I thought I would inspire her. Things have got crazy in our world, in the best way possible. More is yet to come.

God is pummelling me with challenges at the moment that I am finding exciting to learn about, experience, and wanting to participate in. It had its beginning in the desire to be healed, but is ending up in a lifestyle of massive expectation of what power is available to us through Him. No limits, aside those which we apply.

Cryptic, yes. But I have been left hanging on more than one occasion, so I am sure you will survive.

That’s enough, for now.



Comment on March 19th, 2011.

can’t wait to hear more about the challenges! i did my very first abstract project and posted it on my blog – you were instrumental in bringing it about through our discussions on creativity – i continue to hold you to your promise of renenewed creativity!

Alison Robeson

Comment on March 21st, 2011.

Oh Cam! I found you! Your name is frequently raised with the girls all wondering how you are. It amazes me how after only 10 or so weeks spent in someones company how one is never the same again. You have been one to have left that kind of impression on many lives, Bless you!
Dear Ashley, what a treasure you are! The stress of what you are living through may God strengthen you in your inner man. May He be your portion right now when all else seems to not be going the easy route for you. As you walk through this very narrow,deep place may you find the hidden pools of refreshment, they are there God has promised a feast in the presence of fear and trouble.
Cam please know you are raised in prayer frequently and as you hold on to God for your healing may you soar like the eagle above it all, looking down from a heavenly perspective.
May you know His blessing and presence each moment of every day,
Alison Robeson

Samson & Famil;y

Comment on March 23rd, 2011.

Dear Cam,
Greetings from Samson, Kalpana, Sharon, Selvie and Raja from Anand, Gujarat, India in the allmighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Happy Birthday…we thank God for for His great help to you in the past year and he will continue to bless you throughout this New Year. Rememeber, the Lord is with you and His econony is full of healings. Remember the words of a song,”
Open thong u the crystal fountain
whence the healing streams shall flow;…
Strong Deliver,
Be thou still my strength and shield.

Cam, we are greteful to you for sponsoring our children’s school fees and supporting our ministry financially. Yes, many have come to the feet of Jesus Christ through your service behind the curtain. We have purchased 100 Bibles to destribute to the remote area christians out of the help you had sent to us in rememberance of your birthday.
Thanks Ash for your great help to Cam.
May god bless both of you as you continue to experience God’s invisible presence and blessings in your lives.

With many Prayers for Cam,
Samson & Family

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