Posted on March 28th, 2011 by Cam.
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Last Thursday I was scheduled to do some supervising work for the Uni Prac Students. This is the only work I am doing at the moment as it just involves meeting and greeting for the majority and is pretty flexible. I got to my first school and was not feeling that flash at all. After checking in on 3 students, I knew my day had come to an end.

I made a bee-line for the freeway in the direction of home as I was very nauseous after taking some oral chemo that morning. I ended up on the side of the freeway trying my best to not vomit all over my work-pants and shoes. Not that successful.

For the next 24 hours, my guts were in spasms. I thought it might get better overnight but the situation just got worse, so Friday afternoon I checked myself into ED at Charlies to get things sorted. After an Xray or two and an overnight stay, I felt a bit better so I was able to go home. The problem never really got sorted, it is just that I felt better.

The weekend was pretty much wiped out by the fact that I was still in intermittent pain. This morning was not that better so I took my overnight bag down to Hollywood Private Hospital to get the problem sorted out for good. This place is like heaven with Foxtel. It is luxury hotel first, hospital second. Honestly, it blows me away how well we in the west get cared for with our health. We do not know how great we have it.

I haven’t slept much for days. I haven’t had a full meal since last Wednesday night. I have had nausea pretty constantly since Thursday morning now and I have had a gutful of feeling this way. I have been so teary when being admitted as I feel the incredible care I have been given. Amazing. Humbling. And I am just dead tired.

So the goal over these next few days is to sort out what is going on. X-rays, enemas and other forms of torment have been suggested, but I do not mind what they do at this point. I am looking forward to feeling good again. Soon.

Everything else is good, if not great. Some fantastic life things are going on and Ash and I have been challenged daily to continue to think about all the great things that we have, all the positive things that are going on.

At the moment, I am beat, just need to sleep.


Rowes x 3

Comment on March 28th, 2011.

Cam… never a dull moment hey! Hope Hotel Hollywood solves the mysteries and soothes you while you reside there!
Take care buddy!
Rowes xx

Peter E Jones

Comment on March 28th, 2011.

Hi Cam, sorry to hear that you are feeling so crook.
Just a thought.
There is a dreadful lergy (viral) doing the rounds which is a gastric one, complete with nausea, upchuck, download, aching muscles etc. Not everyone is getting the Full Monty. Might be confusing if the chemo is also doing similar bad things? Takes about 4 days to shift. Vector is usually a small person . . .

All the best


Comment on March 29th, 2011.

Hi Cam, i pray that you get the sleep you need to feel refreshed and rejuventated, I know it is that much more difficult to cope with pain when you are sleep deprived. Hope to catch up with you and meet Ash when we arrive in Perth late April. Big HUG :)


Comment on March 29th, 2011.

Sleep ye dear gentleman and dream of better days to come!


Comment on March 30th, 2011.

heya dear cam, sorry to hear your latest. i’ll join with the others in hoping ur stay in hollywood sorts things quickly for u. thanks again for the catchups before i left – look fwd to coffee when im back in town. love and peace, k

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