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Posted on March 31st, 2011 by Cam.
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Dr Brad popped in today to say hi and tell me what the plan is. He works at both Charlies and Hollywood so I love it that he is the common factor aside from my intestines. It seems the chemo has resulted in an autonomic response where my guts have shut down, peristalsis has ceased and everything has gone from slow to stop over the last few weeks. The plan now is to stop the velcade chemo for a week and give my body a break – the trial will continue but without the velcade. The problem is slowly resolving, but it has been uncomfortable, in the most comfortable surroundings I could ask for. Very thankful for such great care and surroundings.

After all the medications they have given me to get my bowels on the move, in the end I think what has been most effective was me going to by the Quokka (Trading Post) paper. Gets me moving every time. At the moment, I would love to build a big shed house, so I have been busy with pen and paper refining my design for a ecofriendly shed/house. It keeps my brain occupied anyway.

Looking forward to my new video camera arriving next week also. It has been a while since my last ones were stolen, so now I can get back into a bit of hobby filming and what-not. My mind has been dwelling on being better, having an energetic body, free from disease and back into action soon. God has been doing some great stuff in my changing thinking, so I am excited to see where this is heading.

So thankful for peoples’ prayers for me in every way.



Comment on March 31st, 2011.

sounds like some creative juices are beginning to flow :0)

Samson Kalpana

Comment on April 6th, 2011.

Dear Cam and Ash,
We are indebted to the Allmighty God for his immense help in your life.
Here in India we all are praying fervently for you especially all the tribal christians, orphanage children, cadets and the local church people. We praise God for your strong faith in him at each and every situation of your life. Remember, the eyeas of the Lord is on the righteous… and we all are sure of happening great miracle in your life through the srtength of the Lord.
With Many Prayers,
Samson, Kalpana, Sharon, Selvie and Raja

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