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Posted on May 3rd, 2011 by Cam.
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The last few weeks have been quite full on, and very significant.  One of the highlights was having Ash’s brother Jai over for the Easter break.  This guy doesn’t stop looking after people and we felt like we were the ones on break as he cooked, cleaned and inspired us to go to the beach more often – we just had a great time with him.

There were significant breakthroughs in prayer also.  After injuring my back one night, I spent a couple of days being quite limited in my ability to move much at all.  Ash and I have been spending a lot of time praying with authority over the cancer – commanding it to go and pursuing prayer with people who believe healing is possible.  I was lying on the couch, unable to move much at all because of my back pain.  I prayed with authority that my pain would go, and sure enough, it went.  I got up, walked down the park to meet Guennadi, then went to pick Ash up from work.  I was able to run across the road quite freely!

A couple of days later, I was experiencing whole body pain more than usual.  I went to bed talking to God, just expressing how tired I was getting because of the body pain.  I still have the mindset of unbelief when I see people walking or running.  I can only imagine what it is like to move with such ease.  After letting God know of my frustrations and what the end of a rope looks like, I fell asleep.  I woke up at 1am quite abruptly – it was a peaceful awakening, but it was sudden enough for me to ask God why had he woken me up.  I felt prompted to pray over my body specifically for areas of pain as we have been learning to do recently.  This lasted half an hour or so before I fell asleep again.  The next morning I woke up free of pain and a significant amount of energy.  That day, I was able to work pretty much the whole day doing gardening, clean the house and pack up boxes of stuff.  I had no back-pain, heaps of energy and my body-pain was not noticeable other than being unfit!

I cannot deny feeling significantly better after praying during the last week or so.  I have no need to make this stuff up.  Others have witnessed the change also.  I feel there is more to come too as I still have residual pain in my left thigh and ribs.

I have just started my 5th cycle of chemo today, so I spent the day at the hospital.  I got results back that could have been discouraging, but I feel more excited than discouraged.  My kappa light chain counts from two or three weeks ago were up to 40 (considered safe below 20).  I will find out what my counts were from today at the end of the week.  This was quite unexpected.

Initially I was disappointed, but that turned into excitement – I feel God’s healing trumps the counts – low or high.

Ash just reminded me now on the phone that those tests were done a while ago and a lot has happened since then.  Much prayer, heaps of encouraging breakthroughs with pain and other experiences that have built our faith.  We haven’t even been entertaining the thought of “what if I don’t get healed?”

Our focus is not on healing.  It is on living to honour God, planning for an abundant life and expecting His promises to unfold.  We have seen, heard of and experienced more miracles in the last few months than we could imagine.  That alone has been worth gold.

I would like to pay tribute to Tim Gregory, a legend of a man who was a great inspiration to me since meeting him at Chidlow Church about 12 years ago.  After being diagnosed with mesothelioma last year, he died last week at a ripe old age.  We all wish he had another 20 years or so.  His character and personality was too large to fit into anything less than a full set of years.  He leaves a great legacy, and we will miss him till we meet again.  That is all part of the deal in the hope that we have.



Comment on May 4th, 2011.

i believe in your healing


Comment on May 8th, 2011.

So glad that you are feeling better. I was about to ask whether nothing or lots was happening… and then this appears!

Blessinga upon you.

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