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Posted on July 25th, 2011 by Cam.
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Yesterday at Church, The Mission, we had our friend James from Sudan come to speak with us.  What this guy has lived through has been amazing.  He has been imprisoned in jails in Sudan, the Holy spirit opened the doors and he went back into the jails to tell the guards of God’s love for them.  He just won’t give up until God shows up.  He has basically lived through the book of Acts in the Bible, and believes completely that the same God is here for us today.

Ash and I had a chat with him after the service and he was so excited for us and encouraged us to keep believing, praying, and thanking God that Healing has already taken place – and this is the constant message that we have been hanging onto for quite some time now.  I continue to get distressed when I see the physical manifestation of the cancer in my body.  The tumour is now considered large by medical statistics, yet we believe that the promises of God state that healing has taken place.  I could not do this without Ash or the belief of my family and church, as it is so discouraging at times.

The truth is, Thursday night I was on life saving morphine, had a collapsed lung and couldn’t breathe much more than to say “call the ambulance”.  I filled out my will, had discussions with my family to say goodbyes etc. etc. etc.  The next day I could breathe without discomfort at all, most of my pain had gone.  Whatever your thoughts, I know that a big change has taken place.

So much so that the hospital folk said yesterday that I could leave for the afternoon, and will probably out by Wednesday completely.  We are just going to wait on the report from the X-ray that they took this morning to make sure there is no significant danger that it would happen again.

Dr Brad popped in tonight just to say hi – what a man!  It is not even his main hospital.  I was so honoured that he was able to make it to our wedding so I hit him with a man-hug and showed him the wedding pics.  He was married at the same church back in the mid 90’s so he was stoked to be back again.  We just had a good time.  I admire that guy so much.

So after our chat with James last night, we feel like we are back on track for complete healing.  Ash is feeling a bit run-down from all that has been going on, but she is a total inspiration to me, one that has taught me so much about the power of God’s word in a very short amount of time.  I am flabbergasted, and I believe more and more that there are great things to come.  One of the elders at the church is coordinating some fasting and praying for us, and we believe that there is power in this, so bring it on – so thankful.

I don’t know when to shut up about all this, but I know that it is not now.  We have renewed the car registrations for 12 months instead of 6 months, we have kept our booking for a honeymoon, and we are planning to share our stories with our grandkids.  I have lost count of how many death-beds I have lay in, lost count of how many palliative care units I have walked out of with a smile on my face, and lost count of how many hospital gowns I have (partially) worn that elderly ladies have got their much needed kicks from.  But who’s counting – I do what I can – my service to humanity.

The whole point of our experience for us is that if God’s promises are not worth anything at a time like this, then they are not worth much at all.  As far as I am concerned, enough of God’s promises have come good thus far, so I am one convinced believer, I just believe there is more to come also.


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