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I think I must be one of the most fortunate guys in the world. I have amazing parents in John and Rosemary, amazing sisters and brothers-in-law in Rachel & Michael, Carms & John and an amazing extended family. My friends, they’re amazing too and although I won’t go through them by name here, I would not be where I am today, as happy as I am today, without them in my life. I do not use the word ‘amazing’ lightly at all.  I am about to marry Ash, who has been an incredible strength for me and has brought an amazing happiness to my life.

So I live in Perth, Western Australia, and glad to do so at this time. It is an exciting place to be a part of at the moment.  I have a keen interest in cultural and urban development and I want to be involved in this area when things settle down a bit.

Music is a big part of my life. I would say I am a Jack-of-all and Master-of-jack. I just enjoy playing different instruments and singing. I have a lot of very musically gifted friends, and a lot of the highlights of my life involve the times I have spent creative time with them.

I am technically an educator, genetically a silversmith, thankfully a musician and eventually a documentary maker and writer.

I believe Jesus is who he says he is, and strive imperfectly to make my life match my belief. I love talking with people about faith and nutting out beliefs. I love it when I see people from all backgrounds strive to build community.

I love trees and getting outdoors. I wouldn’t call myself a Greenie, but I am thankful to those that have chained themselves to trees in the past. They were right after all. I love planting trees. Last year I think I must have planted about 30 trees. Unfortunately, I also have an indecisive streak in me, so it was actually only about 10 trees being transplanted a few times each because I thought they would do better somewhere else. I also love talking community development, third places, culture development, education and beliefs.

Now I have cancer, but the things above are worth hanging around for.

Cam Harris


Jane Ross

Comment on July 16th, 2007.

Hey Cam, It’s Jane Ross here.
I heard about your cancer diagnosises yesterday (Sunday the 15th) via email. I’m extremely sadenned by this news because I always saw you as the most enegetic and live-every-moment-to-the-full type of person. I’ve been thinking of you a fair amount since I heard the news and hope you and Elizabeth are coping well and enjoying each day.
I’ll hopefully talk again soon, or at least comment.
Love and Care,
Jane Ross.

Steve & Josie Rivett

Comment on July 17th, 2007.

Hey Cam,
Josie and I just found out. i do not understand how this stuff works, but I am sure that God has a plan…I just sometimes do not what it is.
We will be praying for both you and Elizabeth and the fam.

Ingrid Rickersey

Comment on July 17th, 2007.

Hello Cameron
My name is Ingrid Rickersey and I have worked with your Mum over the past 11 years as a CVS volunteer coordinator. I heard of your diagnosis this week and received an email inviting me to visit your website. So here I am, not with any great pearls of wisdom I’m afraid, just to say I wish you well and urge you to keep positive. As you say, you are blessed to have a wonderful family, who will support you every step of the way.
I don’t have personal experience of your condition, but in my experience of nursing in the past, I know that a positive attitude goes a long way and the power of the mind including meditation is of great value. It sounds like you have a good healthy sense of humour also which goes a long way!
Just reading your blog I too struggle with organised religion and the materialistic side of that, however I am a Christian who has become more personally spiritual rather than a regular church goer. The philosophical and phenomonological topics are of endless interest.
Gee I rabbit on! sorry …
All the very best to yu and your family


Comment on July 30th, 2007.

hey cam its sian i dont no if you remember me but i went to mundaring christian its really sad to here about the cancer and i just wanted to say that you were the best teacher and even though i would never really call myself christian i will be praying for you. hopefully ill catch up with you around somewhere! all the best xoxoxox sian

Brittany Kember

Comment on July 31st, 2007.

Hey Mr Harris!
It’s Brittany from Mundaring Christian, Well Even if you dont remember me I just wanted to say I feel really bad about your Cancer you were the Best Teacher, and i missed you when you left MCC!, Well Just letting you know I’m thinking of you.
And I hope all goes well with treatment, as you are a complete LEDGEND!
Loads of Love always, Britt xx
Get Well Soon

Sharon Murphy

Comment on August 1st, 2007.

Hi Cameron
A friend of yours posted your story on a cancer forum and i have been following The Walk Beside. I have multiple myeloma and I relate to most things you write about. I think you are very brave putting yourself out there in cyberspace and admire what you are doing and i just wanted to tell you i enjoy reading your journey.
I wish you health and happines Sharon.

Peter Hackett

Comment on August 7th, 2007.

Dear Cam and Liz.
Christine and I have just returned from our trip o/s and we were saddened to learn of your illness whilst away. Just to let you know that we have been praying for a positive outcome for you both as have the rest of our Church. You are truly a teacher of men and children and your interaction with children is second to none.
We were amazed when we witnessed you with the kids a couple of Christmas’s ago on the Chidlow oval watching you with ‘Chidlow Idol’, you mate, are the Idol for the respect and friendship events such of these generate.

I look forwarded playing music with you soon. God Bless.

Peter & Christine Hackett

Sarah Hewitt

Comment on August 10th, 2007.

Hey Mr Harris!
Its Sarah Hewitt you used to teach me at Mundaring Chriatian in year 8. Your teaching was so inspirable and i learnt alot from you and about Christ! I am deeply saddened by the the news of your sickness and i wish you the biggest wishes that could ever surround you! I first heard about it in the Mundaring Christian newsletter and immediately txtd people that knew you from year 8, the one person was Emily Zlatnik. She informed of what was happening and i was really distraught, she promised me to find out more information so that we all knew what was happening! All i wanted to do was help but i didnt know how to so i thought that just hoping that everything would work for the best would be enough to help you. Well anyway we are all at Swan now and learning alot, Mr Marlow has joined us here and teaches my Christian Living class and might i say he is excellent at it, we all miss Mundaring and we never realised how different the two schools were! Mr Mrlow was the one that informed me of your website and i was so happy to get the address! I have decided to join the Air Force and accomplish many dreams! My deepest thoughts are with you, your family and friends and i hope that soon we will once again get to meet when you are healthy and full of your contagious jokes and laughes! (sorry its so long!)

Yours Sincerely, Sarah xoxo

Steve & Jennifer Sharp

Comment on August 14th, 2007.

Hi Cam! Your old drum tutor here. Remember you fondly as a young punk drummer with enormous talent for all thing musical. Remember those days? Caught up with Mum & Dad on the weekend. Great. Have been thinking about you since finding out via Elizabeth S about your current situation. The blog is great. Well done mate! hey if you want a chill out break with Elizabeth H check out our site at http://www.villamelita.com.au Of course ignore the tariff! You have lots of support. Stay with it. God is good and you’re fantastic. Stay in touch.

Jacqui Ball-Hornblow

Comment on September 19th, 2007.

hey mr harris!!!!!!!

its jacqui ball-hornblow here you know the strange one. a few months ago i was doing work experience at mundaring and i was with mrs hayley we were sitting in the staffroom when the news saddened in on me. mr harris you were an amazing teacher and you taught me so much about life and how i should liuve life and reading your bulletins and thingys encourages me to live each day. i hope that you are getting better and i will be praying for you immensly.
i remember when we would sit in class (year 7) and you would just pull out your guitar and start singing about rabbits :D mr harris you have such a creativity and a passion for everything you do i remember year 7 greatly it was one of the best years of my life because you changed meand had an effect on my life. each day nearly i struggle to come to terms with God i love him and i believe in him but i am still finding my path and just reading your blogs and things encourages me everyday thank you so very much mr harris oyu inspire so many of us year 7′s from my year and i know that God is tremendously proud of you.

on behalf of all the year 7′s get well and stay strong.

you dont need anything God will provide you with essentials
luv jacqui xOXoxOXoXOx

julie Nyholm

Comment on September 24th, 2007.

Hi Cam Liz,
Its Julie Nyholm Here. I’m sorry to hear about your illness. However I know that both you and liz will get thu this. You both have always been very friendly to me when we have met at GWAC. Its not very ofter but I do enjoy catching up with you both. Keep strong and I will be praying for you.

Look forward to seeing you in Melb at some point. Take care

Julie Nyholm


Comment on September 25th, 2007.

Hey Mr Harris
It’s Briellen Cassidy’s younger sister, I dont know if you rember me but when mum told me about your cancer i felt so sorry for you cause your a great guy you dont smoke do anything bad like that you just do good things like be a fireman and help people. Sometimes i think it’s really unfair that people like you get stuck with things like this but maybe it’s because you can fight and wont give.
well all the best Brie

Elaine & Geoff Smith

Comment on October 7th, 2007.

Your father-in-law Gordon who we went through Youth Club with many years ago, took the service at our church in Balwyn this morning. He referred to your illness and we are now all going to pray to God that he will heal you and be with you and your family all of the way. Love and peace to you and yours.

Beth White

Comment on November 3rd, 2007.

Hey Cam,
I just got to Bogota for Denisse´s wedding and Liza told me that you had cancer. I haven´t talked to you in years and I didn´t know that there was anything wrong. I am so sorry to hear this and I will pray for the best for you. I havn’t read your sight yet, but I will. It makes me thankful for everything I have. Good luck.


Comment on January 15th, 2008.

Hey Cam
Someone asked me to pray for you and to check out your website so I did and I am. I too know that God is able to completely heal you of this cancer as He for Pastor Phil Howell whose ministry I would recommend to you. “Without Walls “is doing its annual tent Miinstry on the foreshores of South Perth very soon. Its 4 nights and usually awesome.

But I know God is giving people other strategies to combat
cancer in terms of nutrition. Because you don’t know yet how he is going to heal you I would also reomend looking into the best of these . Glyconutrients are totally amazing and you can look up the Science of glyconutrients on line and find out more about them. They are on every cell in your body and essential to cellular communication. Glyconutrients are a whole chapter in the latest medical textbooks (Harpers Biochemistry) but only recently graduated doctors know about them because they are not pharmaceuticals they are
food supplements.

In addition I listen to my brother who has been researching cancer for 30 years since his then wife was diagnosed with it. He knows heaps and he assures me with brilliant medical explanations that bicarb soda cures cancer, He also says three essentials to avoid cancer are fish liver oils, calcium and vitamin D from the sun. If you would like to talk to him I will add his email. He really does know what he is on about.
You unfortunately will be given heaps of advice like mine and so will become disenchanted really quickly. God is the answer and you have to let doctors do there best but do not rule out nutrition. Doctors remove symptoms. Nutrition removes causes.

I have also read Jordan Rubin’s “The Maker’s Diet” and what he discovered fits with everything my brother says too but in your state of health you need to be very proactive asap to hasten the recovery process.

God is with you and so are all your friends and family and even strangers like me.

My bro [edjbs@cmi.net.au]
me about glyconutrients [wilhel@kcc.wa.edu.au]
the sun cure
vitamin D
More cancer stuff from my bro

If you can’t face reading this stuff yourself let someone close to you do the research for you.

May God bless you abundantly in this season

L'elainia & Talicia

Comment on March 4th, 2008.

Hi Cam!
It’s L’elainia and Talicia Newhouse here Dont know if you remember us, you taught us both in year 7. We heard that you haven’t been very well and we both want you to know we are thinking of you and we pray that you get stronger everyday. With Lots of Love xxx :-)


Comment on March 13th, 2008.

Hi Cam,
Hope your feeling better. I heard from someone that knows you quite well that you would think it quite funny if someone left a random and maybe ‘inappropriate’ message. Well the idea of giving you a laugh is appealing but I just cant think of anything!

So I’ll have to leave with some profound saying like: ‘the most pleasant and useful person are those who leave some of the problems of the universe for God to worry about’, Don Marquis (from my desk calendar).

Take it easy, Sam and girls XX

Emily Zlatnik

Comment on March 16th, 2008.

hey mr harris, its emily zlatnik from mudaring christian college, yr 8 how wiked hehe. Man what do i say? its been so long and wen i did see u last i remember you having braces coz u came to mudas when i was in year 10, hehe that was funni, go the braces :P haha ok on a serious note, how are you doing? i found out u had cancer last year sometime but i didnt no wat was happening, i do get most of my information from the hopkins which is good, heard u were wanting to come to the hills again nd see us all. that would be great! man i hope ur gonna get betta, thats all there is hey, hope, faith and trust…. the three things which are just so hard to do at a time like this, but they are crucial. hows life cutting out the hospital? i hope work nd doin the silver working stuff is good, how interesting i neva wulda guessed hey lol. im at swan now wit sarah, saw her comment on here nd its good :) working towards uni nd that, kinda scared when skewls gonna finish but excited, another chapter of life hey. just praying and hoping that you will pull through this stronger, wiser nd more cool hehe, friends nd family are there to support you and my heart goes out to them aswell… everyone hang in there :D i hope to see you again soo, or at least hear from you, ur a very inspiring person nd i will visit ur website to see how u doing:) have a good one hey nd good luck with the chemo!! xo emily
p.s wats that uri thing wen u post the comment? i wont put anything there just incase, heres my myspace url if u wanna comment sumtime :D http://www.myspace.com/lildisneychild

dorothy stephens

Comment on April 29th, 2008.

Hi Cam, David and I have been following your journey with interest. We have been friends with your Mum and Dad, and Alison and Jim for a long time. You infact visited us in Leeds many years ago. David has just finished 6 months of chemo, and we have been surprised in looking back just how well it has all gone. There have been ups and downs, but the words given to us before it all started was ‘you will be surprised by Joy’. Our prayer for you and Elizabeth would be the same, somehow through all that your going through, you will both sense God’s Joy in each day. You have certainly made us laugh in the reading of your blog. Love from us both David and Dorothy from York, England

Ah Hin Teoh

Comment on May 4th, 2008.

Hi Cam,
It’s Ah Hin here Brodie’s dad. I heard about your situation. My heart is with you and Elizebeth. I would like to visit you but not sure when is it appropriate, if you can let me know please. I hope you don’t mind sharing your journey with me.
from Ah hin and Brodie

Ben White

Comment on May 6th, 2008.

Hey dude, long time no talk/see/chat etc. My nephew Jordan sent me the link to this site. Not going to say anything that resembles a cliche or mindless platitude. Just letting you know Jane and I will be thinking of you and praying for you.
I would love to catch up with you, so drop me a line or give me a call. Don’t know if you have lowered yourself to Facebook, I have, so you can find me on there if you like.
Lots has happened between last time we saw you, that graduation at the Potter’s House centre, and now. Funny enough.
Be cool.
Ben and Jane White

Evelyn Chapman

Comment on June 5th, 2008.

Dear Cameron, You won’t remember me, but I am a friend of your Mom and Dad and I think you were with them when they came to our home in Taunton many years ago now! I only heard recently about your illness and have been praying for you ever since and will continue to do so. I have lost touch with your parents since they moved to York, but do send them my best wishes. I now live in Ireland but hope to be in Perth again in November.
Evelyn Chapman

Renee. S

Comment on June 15th, 2008.

Hi Cam, i really want to encourage you to keep positive thoughts through this ordeal. And if you turn to God in everything that you do you WILL find comfort, thats a personal promise. : ) I just wanna remind you that you’re not just a great teacher but for me you were a great person who i looked up to and sort of taught me thats it ok to be myself. Your a top guy! Be yourself and try to stay positive!
Lots of Love

Renee Houston

Comment on July 1st, 2008.

Hey Cam,
I was just reading what Renee S wrote and it really reminded me of the good old school days and how you have really made a difference in my life. You really are an inspiration and i feel so blessed to know you. I know that what you are going through must be really hard but know that you have so many people thinking of you and praying for you. You may not hear from us all the time but know that you are thought of all the time,i think of you and Elizabeth daily and hold you both very close to my heart
All my love
Renee Houston (jack)

Kylie Allan

Comment on December 4th, 2008.

Hi Cameron – I don’t know if you remember me at all, but I am pretty sure we went to high school together in Albany. I was on another site which had a hyperlink with your name on it, and I thought to myself, “Gee – I used to know a guy with that name” so clicked on it, and here you are. I am just sorry that after all this time with no contact that your diagnosis is the reason we have reconnected. I hope that your faith sees you through and that you come out the other side stronger and better (which I am sure you will!!). Kind regards and wonderful thoughts, Kylie


Comment on December 23rd, 2008.

Not sure if you got my email or not.
Let me know if you didn’t, I will try again.

Liz Bint

Comment on December 23rd, 2008.

Cam – I’ve just heard from your folks for Christmas and so have been prompted to visit your blog – it’s great that there has been some blessings in the midst of all the hard times. I’m praying that the blessings continue for you and Elizabeth. All the Bint’s wish you well and send you and your fam best wishes for this special Christmas, with you, Angus and Stella as the stars!


Comment on March 8th, 2009.

Hi Cam
You don`t know me, I am one of Ann Navins carers who had seen you and Elizabeth at Chidlow church. I have often thought about you both since hearing of your illness.
I wish you the best, keep strong!

John R Wallis

Comment on January 4th, 2010.

Hi Cam,
Pauline McAlpine asked me to have a look at you site.
It is a soory site indeed…….
If there is anything you think I could do for you, please let me know.
John R Wallis
Email jrwallis@wn.com.au

Kristian Anderson

Comment on July 6th, 2010.

Hi Cam. Thanks for your words on my blog tonight. You couldn’t possibly have known but this week has seen some of the most intense inner fighting I have experienced since my diagnosis. I also have had to contend again with very misguided words of “encouragement”. I’m sure you know what they’re like.

I look forward to reading about your life. For the record, I’m a Perth boy too. I’m also a musician and make TV shows, films and documentaries for a living. My wife is a teacher and singer and we have two beautiful boys, Cody (nearly 4) and Jakob (nearly 2).

I’m on a regime of Oxaliplatin and Avastin at the moment with a side order of Xeloda. Not real nice but I know you know how it goes.

Peace to you and yours.

Talk soon.

Jessica Wishart

Comment on August 18th, 2010.

Hey Cam, (Mr Harris)
You probably don’t remember me Jessica Trout, you taught me in year 7. I am so shocked to see this. It is such a long story how I came about this page.
I pray you are well.
All the best


Comment on July 27th, 2012.

Hi, i just typed when death comes to visit in my search engine, read cams script of that name, i commented that it was a comfort to read as i have had death knocking at my door the last few days, i was about to leave this site but was compelled to stay and explore, didnt take long to realise death wasnt knocking anymore for cam, i play guitar too, enjoyed cams song, my condolences, and even though i didnt know cam, i do now and may he rest in peace.

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