This last week

Posted on March 12th, 2011 by Cam.
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What a big week.

We feel like we are on a massive learning curve. On Monday and Tuesday night we went down to see Bill Johnson speak on healing. It was awesome. There was great teaching on the reality of God’s Kingdom being released in our lives, and how we can live our lives expecting God’s power to be demonstrated in healing, spiritual breakthrough, etc. as the norm, not the exception. Bill went through some principles of God and healing – we could have listened all night.

We all then went into a time of prayer for people to be healed. Firstly, Bill asked if there were any people with injuries with metal plates or screws etc. or where people had injuries that hadn’t healed properly. I remained sitting, although Ash encouraged me to get prayer for my hip. I thought ‘It’s a whole hip! How could God replace the whole chunk of metal I have in it?’ Anyway, I remained sitting down, prayed for others, and then realising how I was limiting my thinking of God. Others have been healed, their metal disappeared.

Then his team gave words of knowledge for specific sicknesses and injuries. I think the first guy said ‘Is there anyone here with a blood disorder or disease?’ I stood up and received prayer from people around me for healing. We were encouraged to test our our injuries/diseases after prayer to see if we noticed any difference. It is a bit more difficult to test out my disorder. I could have offered to bleed everywhere and then clot as quickly as possible to see if my platelets had come back up from 40, but I didn’t.

I still came away really encouraged, and I felt like I had energy. This whole week I have been pretty much flat out on a couch, not being able to do much at all. The chemo has really hit hard. We decided to come back again on the Tuesday.

Tuesday was just as good. Great teaching, and very encouraging. After Bill had spoken, we went into another time of prayer for healing. This time, he asked specifically if there were any people who had a terminal illness, anyone who without healing would die of their disease. I was surprised that out of maybe 700 people, there were only about 4-5 of us who stood. The whole church prayed for us, and for some time. Although I didn’t feel any physical sensation, I feel my hope was topped up and I again came away very encouraged.

The most encouraging part of the night for me was what happened after the praying. A not got passed down from the left side of the building and the note stopped at me (the people who gave it to me told me it was intended for me – I hope I heard right). Anyway, the note had written on it a word of knowledge that someone received while I was being prayed for. I won’t write it up here, but it again gave me hope for the future, hope that I would be healed, hope that there would be resolution.

There were many people healed again that night, and I am not sure where I stand with my sickness. My body still feels run down with chemo, sore from everything and I can still feel pain from specific locations. I am still convinced, more than ever, that my only hope for complete healing is through persistent prayer for God to clean up my body, to totally restore it. There are way too many things wrong with it for any hospital to deal with.

I haven’t stopped listening to CDs or watching youtube videos on this teaching since. It is not even just about the healing. It is about a lifestyle where God’s power shows up all the time. It is a lifestyle that I want to pursue, even if healing is not an outcome.

This has pretty much consumed our week. Physically and mentally, I feel like everything is quite a blur. I hate being on chemo. It is keeping me alive, but it is hard not to get disappointed at the low level of functionality of my body and mind. I am so thankful for what I have, and who I have. Ash has been amazing in every way. She has been excited by everything we are experiencing, even when I am tired and run down.

Some amazing things are going on, no doubt.


An unexpected surprise

Posted on January 4th, 2011 by Cam.
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Not sure what happened here.  I am working on the theory that it may have something to do with some vitamin K (potassium) tablets that I found on top of the cupboard last night (in my search for panadol, or anything really).

It is about 7pm and I took another few K’s an hour ago, so I hope to see some continuation of good form.


The three weeks post stem cell infusion.

Posted on May 11th, 2008 by Cam.
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This is on the 17th of April when I received my stem cells back. An important part of the process, you can imagine. The red goop in the bag are my stem cells collected last November. It was good to be reunited. Two days prior to this footage been taken, I had the high-dose chemo, so the destruction of my marrow was already taking place. Using my own stem cells is called an autologous infusion. One of the later forms of treatment may be to use someone else’s matched stem cells, like one of my sister’s for example. This is called an allogeneic transplant.

Almost a week later, I my temperature started to creep up after getting some kind of infection. Our only option was to head to the emergency department. Due to a bed shortage, I spent the first night in isolation in ED.

Hair falling out. Live. Soon after this footage was taken, Elizabeth shaved my head. To cut a long story short, I got cold when we took the towels off that we had put around me to catch the hair. I got rigors, and shook uncontrollably for the next 20-30 minutes. A nice warm bed and some pethidene put an end to that, thank goodness. It took a day for my body to recover – exhausting.

A day in the hospital life.

Always good to be heading home.

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Videos of High Dose Day

Posted on April 17th, 2008 by Cam.
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1. Driving to the hospital yesterday morning for high-dose chemo.

2. Just before I head down to ‘recovery’ for the central line to be put in. I think they should call it ‘discovery’ because they took an awful long time to find the way to my heart.

3. The tubes are in and I am just about to start the chemo, starting by sucking the ice for a while.


Day one of chemo

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This is the first batch of chemicals I took on day one. We had just come back from the hospital and I had already taken a few counter-active pills before hand.



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This is the ‘prelude to a harvest’. I am injecting a growth hormone that increases the production of stem cells and forces them into the bloodstream in a higher concentration. One of the side effects is bone pain, similar to growing pains. It felt like something was sqeezing my spine from the inside in a throbbing motion whenever I stood up or sat down. This footage contains sub-cutaneous needle use.

The Stem Cell Harvester. The blood comes out of one arm, goes into the centrifuge to be spun around. From what I understand, the red blood cells go into the bottom level, the plasma comes to the top, and the stem cells are located in the layer in between. This process is able to get about 1mL of the good juice per minute. Like liquid gold, but less pretty to look at.

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Measure Up

Posted on December 5th, 2007 by Cam.
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These are two of the wonderful staff who looked after me for my radiotherapy. The music in the background was usually either Johnny Cash or Elvis. Very difficult for me to keep my hips still during Suspicious Minds.

This is the machine that administers the radiation. No one is allowed in the room except the patient while it is emitting the radiation. This particular footage shows the machine twisting onto its side to take a profile of my chest in X-ray. A few times a week they would take such an X-ray to monitor the progress of the therapy. The screen that you see unfolding is the receiving part of the digital X-ray.


Sternum: Up close and personal

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Happy News

Posted on July 11th, 2007 by Cam.
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We took this after we found out that no Myeloma was found in the rest of my body. Good news!


I feel like I have left a part of me in Fremantle

Posted on July 9th, 2007 by Cam.
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After the biopsy at Freo Hospital

Before the biopsy at Freo Hospital.