The Pointy End

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I came down from York with Mum and Dad this morning so I could get to my midday appointment at the hospital. This was a bit of a trial ‘wrap up’ if you like, just taking final levels and answering a few questions so they can close my part of the study down.

The doctor I was meant to see was a new doctor and, because he didn’t know my history, Dr Brad took me straight in and spent a good chunk of time with me. We had a good chat, and Dr Brad is always straight down the line with me.

As some of the results were in, we checked them out. All organs are functioning really well, aside from kidneys that are a little high. My creatinine level about a month ago was 90 μmol/L (normally around 60 μmol/L) and the trend indicated it was increasing which is not good. The kidneys usually take the hardest knock with MM, overloading them with toxins as well as keeping up with the body’s normal detox needs. My creatinine levels got to over 200 after my stem-cell transplant ordeal. I do not know what they are after my blood test yesterday, but I should find out over the next few days.

Dr Brad talked to me about my decision to not take on further treatment. I explained to him that I didn’t want to risk getting sick with chemo, risking a hastening of fatal illness or spending my last months with no quality of life ( I remember enough about my stem-cell transplant to not go through that again). He understood.

I asked Dr Brad what the progression from this point would be. Usually, the kidneys would fail due to toxins overloading, then the body would begin to shut down and basically fall asleep. I was thankful that the process was so simple and it sounded painless. I asked what kind of timeframe he would expect this to take place. It would of course depend on what results come through over the next couple of days but he said a realistic expectation would be between two weeks and a couple of months.

I didn’t flinch as this wasn’t anything drastically different from what I was expecting, and it is not the reality I adhere to anyway. What Dr Brad said was completely understandable and appreciated from his vast experience and knowledge of the disease, but it is far from what I have my hope in, so it changed absolutely nothing for me.

I didn’t feel worried walking into the hospital, didn’t feel at all surprised during our chat, and didn’t feel at all fearful about the future when I was walking out. I say this because I know what I used to be like. I struggled to hold things together when I had been told similar news – and that was when we had treatment options! Not there is nothing, and I feel completely and utterly confident and peaceful. This is definitely the peace that flips logic on its head – the peace that God promises believers. I have it in truckloads – there is no other explanation for it. Some people have a peace that comes through resignation. Well, I haven’t resigned – quite the opposite – we are just cranking up our battle-cry a notch or two.

The peace that I feel is not from denial either. I know I have seen enough friends die from the same or similar diseases to understand what is denial and what is not. I know the risks, stats and progression of this disease enough to understand what it is capable of. I also have a growing understanding of God’s unlimited healing power and that provides way more in hope than a limited medical solution. I will be forever thankful for the medical staff and resources that have helped me get to this point.

It is quite unbelievable to think that a prognosis of 2+ weeks would be given to someone who looks quite well, can run and skip around (a little limited mind you:) , and has a furious determination to be married in two weeks! Apart from being a rather large inconvenience, I really don’t have the time to die!

We pray quite specifically at the moment that the tumor in my back will disappear, break down, vacate, take leave, desist, expire, become an ex-tumor. I will write about this process another time, as I am again beginning to come under the wise counsel of endone who tells me I should get some rest. That is the first time I have heard a narcotic say something responsible. I usually hear, “You wanna piece of me?”


Very sleepy

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Snuggled up in bed on the farm up in York, Mum and Dad home from Port Hedland, wintery night, fire going, endone finding its way to every part of my nervous system – life is great!

It was a spontaneous decision to come up to York tonight with Ma and Pa, but they just got home today so decided to pick up some things from here and spend some time.

The weekend was tiring, but really interesting. Ash and I caught up with sister Carms Saturday morning, but I had some acute pain becoming more and more of a problem. The pain was in my back, right where the tumour seems to be. The tumour pain was significantly greater than I have had before, so much so that I knew we had to go to the emergency department for pain management. I had very few drugs at home for pain, and I knew I couldn’t last until tomorrow (Tuesday) for pain relief.

After having a thorough checkover, they let me go with scripts for high doses again. Not happy that I am back on the oxycontin, but happy that the pain is managed. It is definitely the oxycontin that makes my body sore when it is needing more, like when I get up in the morning. If you are on oxys, and you feel you can’t come off because of body pain – it is the oxys that cause the body ache – get off them!

I am finding it difficult to write as I don’t have a clear mind at the moment. But we plod along…

We had prayer over Skype from a guy at the Healing Rooms in Bethel Church in Redding CA. Very encouraging and we are seeing positive results through prayer here, there, everywhere.

I can’t keep my eyes open. Will wrap this up. I don’t feel afraid at all. I don’t feel worried at all. I just retain this awesome sense of excitement, and I know it isn’t the meds. What a wonderful life I have!



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Stands for “poo bum tit wee” -it was the swear word my folks used to joke about when trying to find appropriate words without using the more crude variety.

I thought of similar words tonight as I took a shower, and for the first time actually looked at my back in the mirror. I have mentioned my difficulties of sleeping on my back due to the pain on the left hand side, and now I see why.

I guess I wasn’t ready to see the bump. I have felt it with my hands before, but to see it took me by surprise. I won’t put any photos up now because it won’t do anyone any good. I will put them up once they have gone – then we can do the obligatory ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots. I have to say, these ‘before’ shots suck. I remember the day when all I had to do was pout and love the camera.

Last night, I came back from having prayer at the Healing Rooms and I was feeling absolutely invincible – I had no doubt I was going to be fine. I was there again today and I was feeling a little down, again, the pain and the long-haul getting to me. I still came away encouraged.

Andrea and Brendan are the main two who have sacrificed a huge amount of time praying for me at the prayer rooms, then they go home and pray for me and others. Then they rock up the next day and pray for me again for hours on end. They have inspired me incredibly with how they pray, and they know we are at critical point here now, so they have been incredibly generous and persistent with their commitment.

Tonight, I am not sure where I am. They will be prayers of exhaustion tonight. I am tempted to run with the “Whatever” version of prayer. I know I believe completely in God’s power for healing. Although my faith has taken a beating over the years, it is stronger than ever at this point in time. It is back to trusting God now regardless of what I see in the mirror, feel in my back, doubt in my logic.

I will continue to declare God’s goodness to me – this is not negotiable and I only need to introduce onlookers to my family and friends to leave them with no trace of doubt also. I am well looked after. Ash continues to inspire me and encourage me when I have no courage of my own. I am in the perfect setting to be restored.

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The dark side…

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Last night I was in large amounts of pain from the tumours in my back. They are big enough now to either press on my rib cage on the left hand side, or make me lean over because my back is uneven. Then there is something under my heart that is taking some pressure too. The pain from these areas can be quite excruciating. Last night, it was enough to make me twist around in my bed trying to find relief from a position that let me rest. In the end, it was back to using a dose of oxycontin again. It was not what I wanted, but the pain has once again become an issue. The good news is I can’t feel the pain in my legs anymore. Haven’t noticed that in a few days.

My GP, Dr Simon, is a brilliant Doctor, and I have been very fortunate to have him oversee my treatment and sort out all the various areas of health over the years. It was Dr Simon who, four years ago almost, had me walk into his office and declare that I needed to see a doctor who specialised in ‘this’!” as I pointed to the big ol’ bump on my sternum. He got the ball rolling anyway, and has been fantastic ever since. Dr Simon called me into the surgery this morning to sort out my pain issues. So now I am back on patches, endone, and sleeping tablets.

This is the point where, supposedly, things are supposed to get difficult, I suppose. Well, I can vouch for that supposition, as I can’t remember doing anything easily for quite some time. This circumstance certainly is wearing on mind and body.

Although it would be easy to put across an impression that I am handling this time well, I want to acknowledge that it has been far more difficult that I could ever express, and I find myself crumbling again, confused about what to do next, mourning the time it seems I will lose with family and friends, mourning the loss of the things I didn’t get to do or experience, constantly fighting feelings of regret and disappointment. These feelings exist even in the midst of trying to stay positive. I have a huge amount of hope for a future and believe that healing is possible, but I still can’t stop crying each time I say goodbye to my nieces and nephews after spending the morning with them. I have so much to lose, and it is that ‘so much’ that I am becoming more and more thankful for.

I feel I am completely in the middle of the tug-o-war between what I have my faith in, and the direction that my body is going. I know the fear is looming that the next time I am forced to go to the hospital it most likely will be the one-way trip. The tumours are growing as rapidly as they did last time and I ended up in hospital for the week and then back on chemo. This time, there is no treatment planned. Although this fear is looming, I don’t feel it at this point. I feel sad for the emotions that run through me and others at this time, but I grin because I know there is hope, and that is enough for now.



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This week has been tiring, and I am trying my best to not get worried about my pain levels. Physically, I find things changing quite rapidly. I have my good days and bad, but recently my legs have been experiencing really sharp pain, but now they are fine. My back has been ok in recent weeks, and now that is painful. My ribs are also experiencing pain. Sometimes I can walk fine, without thinking too much about the joint or muscle ache. Sometimes though, it overwhelms me and I need to lay down, sleep or just rest at least.

I am having prayer at the healing rooms in Perth. The people there have been amazing, praying with incredible faith and authority, and putting in every minute they can for me. We have been thorough and persistent in praying. I feel that a lot has been accomplished through such prayer. Prayer has never been the last ditch effort in this journey – it has always been the first and continuous element in the last four years. But now I guess it has even more significance, in that before prayer was being answered in conjunction with what was going on medically. I have seen a lot of answered prayers through what medicine has done in my treatment. Now, there is no medical treatment, so whatever happens now is without medical intervention.

I am thankful for what medicine has given me over the years (well, mostly I suppose), but I am also thankful that it is over. I cannot imagine how many times I have been stuck, scanned, tested or whatever. I have been happy to sign my body in at the door and let medics have their way with me. I would like to say I have checked out mentally, but unfortunately I have been cognitively trying to process every painful aspect that my body has had to go through over these four years.

It has its upsides. I love a good MRI. I love the way you can just zone out while magnetic waves vibrate through your entire body. Its what I do for kicks. And boy oh boy do I love some of the drugs. One of these last times I was admitted with severe withdraws from oxycontin. My body was cramping uncontrollably and I was an emotional wreck. To go from a state of complete discomfort and writhing around on a bed in physical and mental torment to be completely at peace with a rather large dose of morphine – I will be eternally grateful for whoever invented such drugs.

Now, I accept that it is totally up to God how things go from here, and this excites me, seriously. I no longer have to make decisions about treatment options, as there are no options that I would consider – that is clear. All I can do is trust that God leads me down the path where I can be released from the grip of this hideous disease. I hate it. There is nothing at all right about it. Grotesque.

In this, I feel I am in the best hands I could hope for. I have relentless faith and encouragement in Ash, an amazing family, friends I cannot begin to describe, an incredible medical team at Charlies, and a God who is about to demonstrate something glorious, again, and again. Don’t read between the lines and interpret this as a ‘signing off’ – on the contrary. I consider the writings on The Walk Beside as a prelude to something ahead that is triumphant. Not any of my triumph, but of what God is able to do with something that is this broken. He has already done miracles in my spirit, as well as many physical miracles that I cannot deny. I am called to believe that the best is yet to come – and I do.

There is no disclaimer here, but if this carcass falls to the ground, I don’t want anyone to think or say ‘Well, he got the ultimate healing – no more suffering now’. No, this is not good enough, and it is not healing – it is being deceased, no more, kicked the bucket, passed a ‘use by’ date, carked it… dead. This is not healing, it is the hideously devastating consequence of sin in this world, and it should be hated for every right reason – it steals, kills, destroys. It is worthy of our hate, our anger, our disgust and our every effort to come against it in Jesus name.

So now I am learning to surrender this disease to Christ who did everything necessary to take the power out of death – that has been done. There is nothing to ‘fight’ other than principalities and powers. That is where this battle lies. It won’t be long now before we see a conclusion of sorts to this preface. The fact that there is a definite time frame in place now for some sort of resolution excites me to no end. There is, of course, the overwhelming threat of loss from time to time, but I have not felt it much recently – just more a sense of anticipation.

I do not want to paint a picture of everything being peaceful, happy, certain and easy, because it is far from it. Imagine being in a washing machine, and you know the cycle is just about to end, but you know there is the spin cycle coming up and it is the most intense part. I know this cycle coming up is going to be my most intense ever.

I imagine my body being pain free, and that is enough to get me excited. I know it is possible – I just want it now. No, really…right now.


What the heal?

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This is really difficult.

I feel like I should be documenting a more realistic account of what is going on, and I am sure many people could relate to situations that they have been through that have been a challenge. For me, again the biggest battle rages in my mind and spirit – distracted only for a time by what is going on in my body.

What I have shared recently is all true. There is still an excitement that is floating around that is fuelled by the unknown and the possibility I will experience complete healing. I still haven’t broken down yet in uncontrollable ugly-face snotty weeping. I get through most conversations without so much as a glassy-eyed, quivering-lip kind of look – easily covered for with sunglasses and the fact that it is cold outside. I have become quite matter-of-fact about what is happening at the moment. I think I may have grown up. About time.

I was explaining today to a friend that it would seem that my body and spirit are heading in two totally different directions. My spirit pursues life, responds to joy, encourages my mind to make decisions for living and has hope. My body has set a different course. It has its mind made up, and all too often it sways my own mind to join it in its thinking. It is such a despicable conflict.

For every bit of positivity I have presented, there has been a fair share of ‘it will be all over in a few months anyway’ , ‘God, are you actually going to do anything?’ , ‘I may as well check myself into the hospital soon’ , ‘better start saying goodbyes’, ‘better record those tunes that have been in my head for 15 years’ , ‘who shall I leave my fake Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar to?’. Even being completely positive and full of hope, again I find I must make practical decisions to prepare for the worst.

I feel I have let go of my striving to achieve stuff before a certain time. This has come more so recently as I have not had the physical capacity to get most things done. This last week has been as much of a relief as it has been disappointing as I have given my workplaces notice I will not be available for next semester. This is a big thing as my capacity to work has been my way of going against my body’s decision to self-destruct.

I don’t want to live the rest of my life with regret about what I didn’t get done. I think a right response is to feel a hate for what sin consumes in its quest to kill, steal and destroy. I hate what it has stolen from me now, and I hate what it threatens me with for the future. I hate what it does to others. I hate it passionately, and feel it is right to go against it at every opportunity. But boy oh boy it is so difficult.

It is difficult to see what God is thinking in all of this. I believe He wants to heal me, and has paid a bloody price for my healing – that has already been done. So I am left wondering why it hasn’t happened yet, or if that healing will happen to me. Sometimes people do get healed, sometimes they don’t. I don’t know why. I feel I have enough faith, but maybe I just think I do.

I have spent most of my life thinking I have to be very careful because if I disappointed God, He would withdraw from me and it would be difficult to recover. It is hard not to go back to that thinking. Sometimes I feel that God is not listening to me because of whatever sin in my life, so I rack my brains trying to dig up sin that may have not been dealt with properly. It is difficult to go through this process without thinking that God is primarily an emotionally-challenged judge.

I am desperately filling my mind up with truth about who God is, just in case that helps change my situation. It can’t hurt! I have spent 4 years searching for reasons why I haven’t been healed. The amount of self-condemnation that accompanies this thinking has been overwhelming, not to mention the condemnation that has been donated. I think this thinking has been one of the most harmful. There must be a better way.

Well, I don’t want to be someone who dies early and leaves people confused about what went wrong. I mean, I still don’t know why things haven’t got better. I know many have their theories, and unfortunately the ones I am most familiar with involve God being disappointed with me for a myriad of reasons, so he holds back his gift of healing. So many people came to Jesus in the Bible, asking to be healed. Some begged. Some didn’t even ask. Jesus healed them all. I can’t find any occasion when he is just about to heal someone when he stops, points out to them that the religious-law-police had seen them texting on their phone whilst driving (lets ramp it up and assume it was on the Sabbath, on the way to watch Harry Potter, listening to Meatloaf), so he withdraws his decision to heal them. Maybe I just haven’t read that chapter, or maybe there were an unusual number of sinless sick Christian people needing miracles back in the old days. Either that or he was conditionally compassionate.

My hope rests on what God can do between now, and later, and that would be immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within me.


No news is… no news.

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I received a call from the trial nurse today (she looks after the trial, she is not on probation) and they are going to do a trial closure for me in a couple of weeks. This just means I will be having my final lot of tests done to bring a conclusion to the trial results. They could just write down “bo-bow” (inflection and tone required to convey meaning – think incorrect answer sound effect on Wheel of Fortune). After all that explaining, it would probably be easier after all to pee in a bottle for a day and have multiple blood tests. Where was I…

Mixed reactions to the news on the weekend. Mostly because I explained to people that the Doctors had allowed me to come off chemo. Faces would light up, thinking that I was now in the clear. I still get excited by that news though, so I want others to see the positive side of it too. My body never has to have chemo again. I am thankful for the time it has bought me, but I am so glad it is not a part of my future. I am not sure where my levels are at the moment as we haven’t tested my paraproteins for a while. An estimation is that they are around 400-500 again. We are not fazed by the results though. If I were to go totally off what my body was telling me, I would say I am getting better, and that I should get my butt waxed. But sometimes we don’t always listen to what our bodies tell us.

I am off to Albany for a 20 year school reunion this weekend. Twenty freakin years. Seems like just yesterday that I was full of uncertainty, confusion, quite awkward and had skinny legs. Well, that was indeed yesterday, but 20 years ago I was a novice at it all. Now, I have just had time to perfect those attributes.

I have let the groups of people who I work for know that I will not be around to work next semester. Ash and I are planning to do a bit of travelling if all goes well. I booked us into a weekend in Chicago early August to go against what the cancer has planned for me. So many plans have been ruptured over these 4 years. So many plane tickets lost, rescheduled, so many plans scrapped at the last minute due to health issues. I have been moving in the opposite spirit to cancer every chance I have had over the four years, and so far it has just resulted in losing a whole lotta money. But this cancer has to crack soon. I will do everything I can to go against its intent to steal anything else. It has taken its pound of flesh. And the rest.

I have still not wept. This is strange. The only time I have wept recently was during prayer for something else. This is another story in itself, but for another time perhaps. I am still waiting to see if the answer to the praying is as significant now as it was significant then. This is a terrible thing to do – half explaining a scenario and then not ending it properly. Anyway, this is usually the time to crumble numerous times as I explain the latest to family and friends, but it hasn’t happened this way this time. I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. Maybe a person just gets assigned a certain amount of tears for a lifetime and if you use yours up before your 80 years is up then you just have to resort to eyedrops. Not sure.

Physically, things are pretty good. I can feel pain in my left femur and a few left ribs. The PET scan showed lesions in both femurs, ribs, numerous bones in the shoulder areas, but none in the spine, well, no big ones at least. My head has been spinning for the last 4 days which I have not had before. On the positive side of things, I sometimes feel that my lesions are just getting better – that the healing has happened and the only activity going on at the moment is regeneration of bone and tissue, all with good cells.

I know that I say there is a lot going on that I am not writing up, but there is. I am going to start writing this stuff up soon, as I feel it is the season to do so. It is mainly about how I have seen God over the years, and how that has changed – especially over the last few years. It is nigh impossible to not have a God change on you over an extended time of difficulty. God does not change, we are told, so yay for the ability for our understanding of God to change. I have heard people say it doesn’t matter what each individual thinks about God, if they think about God at all. Hmmmm – very post modern – where its ok to perceive God how you like, make him or her fit how you want. This works for Mr Potatohead, but probably not the best way to treat the Creator of the world. Not sure if I will put it on this site or another one, but I have some time to write now, so I am doing my finger stretches now.


Part 2. May 24. Read Part 1 Below

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I have written two entries today- one before the consult and one after.  If you are disciplined, have amazing self-control and can bear delaying the outcome of today’s consult, then I would suggest you read the previous entry below (Part 1) to get the background.

Go on.  Off you go.

Whenever I have a major procedure that involves pain or risk, or receive big news (usually unwelcomed news) I splurge on a Bacon Double Cheeseburger meal (minus tomato).  Today, after the hospital visit, I supersized the order, and swapped the coke for a chocolate thick shake.

Ash and I have been praying that the options for me would be made clear, and today we feel they have never been clearer.  I was going to chat to Dr Dejan about coming off the trial.  I was willing to stay on it for a few more cycles if it meant the trial would give valuable data for other people in the same situation.  But for me it is clear that the trial has not worked.  As I was  about to talk to Dr D about coming off, he told us that it was their opinion that I was receiving the placebo trial drug (still receiving the real Velcade though) and so they had taken me off the trial as it was clearly not working.

My counts now are expected to be through the roof based on the exponential trend over the last few tests.  I felt completely relieved when he said this.  I didn’t want any more chemo, and the decision today was made very easy.  Prayer answered.

Another treatment option was presented, involving Velcade and 3 other hardcore chemo drugs.  It would involve another central line being put into my heart chamber via my neck again, 4-week cycles that we may have to repeat up to 3 or 4 times (therefore 3 or four months).  It would involve being an inpatient for significant amounts of time, becoming neutropenic and the side effects are significant.  I have already decided to not do this treatment, nor any other of the suggested ones that follow.  Dr D understood completely.

So now that leaves us in a place.  I haven’t been in this place before, but there is a sense of incredible relief for me.  I have had recent and significant miracles that have prepared me for hearing this news today, so we had encouragement and faith to operate from during the consult.  I still haven’t wept, which would be my usual response after such news.  In fact, quite the opposite – I have been excited all afternoon.  Ash and I spent the rest of the afternoon praying specifically for these next few months.  It is my expectation that the next two months especially will be glorious, whatever the outcome.

Ash and I have planned to be in the US from mid to late July, just after our wedding.  We are booked at a conference in Chicago in August, and we have various other plans that involve living rather than dying.  I have paid $70 for a ticket to the conference so I am not about to give that up, even though the exchange rate is in our favour, it is still $70 bucks.

My excitement is due to the fact that whatever happens, whatever the outcome, I am going to know soon.  We are trusting God with everything we have got, and when I feel my faith is lagging I am thankful for Ash and a host of others who are dripping with faith and encouragement that I can operate under.  After nearly 4 years of indescribable difficulty, an outcome is at hand.

We continue to pray furiously, passionately and with complete faith that the promises of God’s are good, that He is good, and that healing has been paid for by Christ at the cross.  The healings that we have witnessed and experienced in our own lives and what Jesus in his living, death and resurrection is enough.  I am secure in this now, regardless of outcome in my circumstance.

There is no losing option here.  Of this I am convinced and the truth of it manifests heavily in my spirit.  I am not feeling down.  I am not feeling defeated.  I am not feeling abandoned at this point at all.  On the contrary.

I feel like I am finally getting revelation of God’s love after recognising my own struggle in this area of accepting and recognising such love.  A glimpse is enough to bring about change.  This has been more difficult than I ever thought before, not because God’s love has not been there, but because of my own difficulty in accepting it.  This needs further explanation, but later.  For now, I am learning a lot, experiencing a lot, and experiencing peace at this time.

Between what I have seen in Ash’s life and the testimonies and teaching at our church, I have seen and heard the most amazing revelations of the transforming power of God I need for a time such as this.  I feel ready, excited, confident and peaceful about these next couple of months.  When it comes to what I believe about Jesus, I can never die a fool as He never lived as one.

My perceptions of who God is has almost done a complete shift recently, and it has still got a way to go – I still feel and live with perceptions that disfigure God, but thankfully these are being chipped away at.  I am dying to see God as He is, and now I know a powerful revelation is standing by.


Part 1, May 24.

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Life is so busy – and I have very few commitments, so I don’t know how people with normal lives cope!

Today is hospital day and quite a significant one as I will be talking with Dr D (Dr Brad’s reg) about stopping treatment.  I have just had my bloods taken and I am not at all worried about the results.  I just have a peace about the future, no matter what is going on in my body.

Ash and I believe we are not fighting against the natural realm, so our trust is now solely in God.  There is good reason.

We have been encountering miracles along the way that have been encouraging to say the least.

This last weekend was a tiring one.  After a great family night on Saturday, my body was clearly not coping with the physically active weekend.  I could hardly walk due to hip pain and my back was also in severe pain.  I got home Saturday night and limped straight to bed.

A big part of this week has been that I have completely come off all painkillers.  I don’t even take panadol, and the fact that there is still oxycontin in the house and I am not taking any is a miracle in itself.  No longer am I physically addicted, but for the first time since November 2009 I am not mentally addicted.  My experience with painkiller addiction would need a decent chapter on its own.  I think some people’s nature and certain drugs are a bad combination.  For me they have been as much of a curse as they have been a help.  Nineteen months with hillbilly heroin ended last week. Check this link out. The whole doco can be seen on YouTube. Frightening.

Anyway, back to Saturday night pain…  I took nothing for the pain that night, partly because there are no painkillers at this stage that would put a dent in any of my pain other than stuff I don’t want to be on again.  Ash and I just prayed that it would be gone in the morning.

I woke up and was expecting the pain to be gone, but alas, I was still in agony with both leg and back pain – often needing to walk holding onto something.  I was working on some music for church that evening.  Every 10 minutes or so I would go and lay on the couch to try stretch my back out to ease the pain, then go back into the music room.

Ash came in and we were just talking about a few things.  Part of the conversation involved Ash saying “You are healed, you have no pain, you are healthy, and I declare this in Jesus name.”

We kept on talking for about five minutes while I was sitting down.  I had been sitting down for about 15 minutes so I stood up to go to the couch again.  As soon as I stood up, it was obvious that both my leg pain and back pain had gone.  I hadn’t even thought about what Ash said a few minutes before I stood up.

I said, “It’s gone!”  I was still in a little shock that it had disappeared.  I started kicking my leg back and forth in the air to make sure there was no pain, then started running through the house, putting full weight on it and prancing about like a ballerin… Hip Hop dancer.  We were just laughing and thanking God – these things have been happening often, yet we still get a buzz from it and the encouragement we get is much needed.

I am writing this from the hospital before the beginning of my 6th cycle.  Must head into the consult now with Dr Dejan (pronounced Dayan) – brilliant doctor.  Anyway, got to go.


The decision

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The decision is that I am healed.

All earthly things are pointing the other direction.  My test results recently have shown the cancer is highly active again.  Kappa light chains were about 150 during my last cycle of chemo (they are considered safe when they are less than 20.  I had my stem-cell transplant when they spiked to 114).  The dull pain in my thigh and ribs has been fairly persistent throughout the trial.  I haven’s seen any scan results recently, but the sensation is enough to know things are not right.

I had a PET scan last Friday.  Some people enjoy waterslides.  I enjoy PET scans.  And MRIs. And CTs – except for the radiation component.  MRIs are my fave because of the sensation caused by the magnetic pulsing.  Anyway.  I am not even remotely interested in the PET scan results.  I know enough from my own body to know what they are going to show.

For whatever reason, this trial with Velcade is not working for me anymore.  This sounds disheartening, but for me, I can’t help but be excited.  It is going to be a very interesting 6 months.

There are some big decisions to be made, but Ash and I have been praying that God would make it clear to us what direction to take, what decisions to make – especially in regards to when to stop treatment.  I feel this decision is closer than what we thought it was going to be.  As options become limited, decisions become easier to make.  The decision, is becoming easier every day.

I will be having a talk with the trial Doctor next week regarding when to stop the trial.

Ash and I are having to completely rely on God for any change to this situation.  This brings waves of excitement as we believe God’s word is good on this matter – healing has been paid for along with forgiveness for sin.  God speaks about about it in the same breath.  We have no other hope.

I mentioned the waves of excitement.  This is another way of saying there are times I still get overwhelmed by sadness with my current condition.  I have had many great days where pain hasn’t been a huge factor.  And then there are days where I bury my head in the couch begging God to take the pain away, to heal – the healing where pain, sickness, disease is literally taken away.  That is what I long for.

So that brings me back to the decision.  The decision is that I am healed, based on what Christ did in taking on our sickness and disease.  It is our decision to trust entirely in that reality, and along with that make decisions which demonstrate that belief.  One of those decisions is to stop treatment.  If we believe what Christ did was good enough, then it is good enough to act on.

There is so much that is going on in our lives at the moment that I will write about later.


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